Kim AKA "Future Games Champ" AKA "HSPU Ninja"

Kim AKA “Future Games Champ” AKA “HSPU Ninja”

Attention all SMCFers!!

Next week your fellow members Dr Tony and Dr Trish will start offering office hours for all of your Wellness needs!! Their Chiropractic office will be open:


Wednesdays – 7:30am – 10:30am and 5pm – 7pm

Fridays – 5pm to 7pm

Come check them out at SMCF!


Yoke Carries



10 minute amrap

5 muscle ups or 10 chest to bar pullups

10 hand release pushups

15 back squats

Cash Out :

1 minute max tire flips


Hill Sprints!!!

*Bring you trail running shoes…South Mountain CrossFit is hitting South Mountain.