1380336_467831433329456_311984493_nTeam Burnett & Shotzenbeers donning their finest pink and hitting the LBC Fundraiser!

Sat agenda

7am group class

8am Oly class

9am group class

10am group class

***CF HONOR is running a benefit workout for Candace Nickischer.  The fundraiser/workout starts at 9am and continues to run throughout the morning as ppl assemble.  There is a crew meeting at SMCF around 8:30 and another after the 10am class looking to carpool to Honor.  It is for both beginners and more advanced CrossFitters.  This workout is for an awesome cause, please check out the flyer in the gym when you get a moment and if you are available try and make it out.

***Save the Date Saturday December 7th SMCF Holiday Party


Jerk Balance


Wall Sit & Sledge Hammer Slams

Plank Hold & Jumping Lunges

Ring Hold & Sit Ups

Hand Stand Hold & Burpees

6 inches & Ground 2 OH w Plate 45/25

Partner A accumulates reps only while partner B maintains the hold, then switch, tally points.

move on to the next movement with the class, encourage others to maintain the hold/ keep working!