Dear SMCF athletes,

Today is a day we give thanks for many things; our good health, a loving family, Oly shoes, etc.  Here at South Mountain CrossFit, we would like to say thank you to YOU, our athletes, our community, our family.  One year ago this was the scene:

photo-20  photo-21

Our walls were stripped, the floors were bare, and we had nothing more than an empty warehouse that would be the breaking ground for our vision.  Countless people, (friends, family, fellow CrossFitters, and some we barely knew), came to this barren warehouse day after day to paint, move equipment, clean, and help us keep our sanity as we took on the biggest undertaking of our lives.  There is no way SMCF would have been able to open its doors without the dedication from our helpers.  Last year we were thanking our lucky stars to have such an incredible crew by ours sides.  We will be forever grateful to those who helped us get our doors open in just a few crazy weeks.

Today we had over 40 members of our SMCF family (and extended CrossFit family) come out for the Turkey Day WOD:


This year we are thankful for something different; YOU, OUR ATHLETES!!  We are thankful that each and every one of you gives it your all every time you step through our doors, no matter how tired you are, no matter how sore your hammies feel, and no matter how much you’d rather be at home relaxing on your couch.  We are thankful that you trust us as coaches, trainers, owners, and friends.  We are thankful that you found South Mountain CrossFit and that you chose to live out your experience with us by your side.  We are thankful that no matter how crappy our days have been, we have the opportunity on any given day to walk through the doors of 2125 28th Street and see people doing absolutely incredible feats every single hour.  We are thankful that our athletes know how to fight when their body wants to quit and that you support each other so that no one does quit.  We are thankful that we get to struggle together, side by side, and honor those who are currently fighting for their lives, who are fighting for us, or have lost their own.

Thank you for embracing CrossFit and all it encompasses.  Thank you for embracing South Mountain CrossFit.

Now go indulge in some turkey and stuffing and get ready to hit it hard again tomorrow with this lil’ diddy:

Strength: Snatch

Conditioning:  20-15-10-5

KBS 90/70

Shoulder to OH  135/95

*50 DU in between in round*

CaSh Out:  90 secs. max calories on air dyne