Alex and Megan….a couple that CrossFits together, stays together!


Push Press


A. 5 min. AMRAP

50 Burpees

*in remaining time, max. calories on the air dyne.  Score is number of calories

3 mins. rest

B.  5 min. AMRAP

150 DU’s

*in remaining time, max. HSPU  45#/25#.  Score is number of HSPU

3 mins. rest

C.  5 min. AMRAP

50 Box Jump Overs  24/20

*in remaining time, max KBS 70/55. Score is number of KBS


Reminders/Schedule Updates/Events:

***Get your Easy Clean Cuisine orders in by Friday 12/10  for delivery on Monday 12/23 and Thursday 12/26.

***New Noon class now on Fridays.

***New Strongman Class starts this Thursday 12/19 at 8pm.  FREE to all unlimited SMCF members and $10 to anyone else who would like to join

***SMCF In-House Competition 12/22 – starts at 10am –  We will not be having Open Gym or an Endurance Class this Sunday 12/22  because of the SMCF in house  competition.  This in house competition is open to anyone and is highly encouraged…even if you have to scale.  This is a one and done challenge! Three workouts total that can be completed once…no Re-dos.

We will be selecting top 6 men plus 2 alternates and top 6 women plus 2 alternates to represent SMCF in this Fun/Competitive/Friendly local throwdown series.

The competition will be an individual competition with top three men and women being recognized but it is also a team competition that allows for the gym with the most amount of points after the three weeks to host the final throwdown on Sunday 2/16 to see who walks away with 2014 Tri County Throwdown trophy. Hope to have a great showing and build up some momentum leading up to the 2014 CF Open! Come on over cheer on your fellow SMCF friends and have some fun! 

Workout 1

5 minute amrap
squat clean and jerk 155/100

* squat counts as 1 rep and jerk counts as 1 rep
*weight can be power cleaned and front squatted
* weight can be thrustered
weight can be strict pressed, push pressed or jerked overhead
* score is total reps

Workout 2

9 minute amrap
12 box jumps 24/20
9 shoulder to overhead 115/80
6 toes to bar

* full extension on the top of box jumps
* no step ups allowed for RX competitors but you can step down
* barbell can be strict pressed, push pressed or jerked overhead

Workout 3

12 minute amrap
40 burpees to 6 inch target
30 snatch’s 75/45
30 burpees to 6 inch target
30 snatch’s 135/75
20 burpees to 6 inch target
30 snatch’s 165/100

* burpees will be performed to a 6 inch target
* athletes will change out their own weights between rounds


The dates and locations for the Tri County ThrowDown are as follows:  (Times will be determined at a later date).

Week 1 – Saturday 1/4/14 – CrossFit Lbc

Week 2 – Sunday 1/12/14 – SMCF
Week 3 – Sunday 2/2/14 – CrossFit Rage
Week 4 (Championship week) – Sunday 2/16/14 – TBD