Dan B @ Rally in the Valley

Dan B @ Rally in the Valley

Have YOU registered for the OPEN?  Last year, SMCF had 60 athletes take on 5 weeks of challenging workouts together.  As a community, we cheered each other on, struggled together, rejoiced when our athletes did well, and picked each other up when we had a crap day.  WHY register for the OPEN?  Check out just a few more reasons from the voices in the CF community:  http://games.crossfit.com/video/me-vs

Strength:  Snatch



25 pull-ups

5 squat snatches  115/80

20 pull-ups

4 squat snatches  135/95

15 pull-ups

3 squat snatches  155/105

10 pull-ups

2 squat snatches  165/115

5 pull-ups

1 squat snatch  175/125

**All squat snatches must be completed unbroken (touch-n-go).  The penalty for an unbroken set is rope climb plus having to start the set over.  Choose your weights with care!