Great seeing Brandi F and Paula at their first group WOD yesterday.  Way to get in right after your fundamentals!

Congrats to Brandi Toro for getting her first Pull-up! Johnny J hit a big PR on his backsquat and linked together T2B for the first time! Lynne linking T2B for her first time in WOD too!  Missy doing her first Rx WOD after coming off an injury!! Many more big gains I’m sure, great way to start the week off!

Strength:  PushPress


Conditioning:  “Camille”

8 min AMRAP
3 – Snatch Complexes @ 125#/85# (1 power snatch, 1 hang power snatch, 1 hang squat snatch = 1 complex)
3 – Wall Climbs

* Rest 3 minutes and then  take  6 minutes find your max height box jump

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