WOW! Thank you all again for coming out to our Grand Opening Event.  I’d think it’s safe to say we have officially broken this box in!!

Amazing effort from the 10am intro class.  Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and giving us a chance.  All 52 of you!


What can we say about the 11am WOD! We say that we don’t use machines, we Build them…. Well the machines came out and WORK they DID!!!!  The team effort was inspiring to watch.  Every team took to the rep scheme differently with one thought in their minds…FINISH!  Awesome job, and thank you to our friends at CF Apex, CF LBC, and CF Rage for supporting us today! Another huge group, 58 STRONG!!!



Cannot forget the kids today! 20 future CrossFitters giving it their all, and I think they may have had some fun too!


Jerk Balance

Push Jerk


15-12-9-12-15 for time

Shoulder to Overhead


Box Jumps

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