Great job tackling that Hero wod everyone! Ya’ll kept at it and pushed thru the suck.

Remember to get your stretching in and stay hydrated.  Everyone should be drinking at least 1/2 their body weight in ounces of water EVERYDAY! If your participating in the nutrition challenge be sure to keep up with it on the weekends.  Plan your meals ahead and stay strict to your goals.

Thanks again Jake for a great Oly class. Haven’t been to one yet? What are you waiting for. Today we dove into the squat clean.  Much focus on the first pull, followed by hip movement and proper opening.  Great stuff!

10-12 Open Gym tomorrow

Come in with a plan.  We did some fun/challenging wods this week.  Come make up some that you may have missed.  The Opens are around the corner… consider taking on a previous Open WOD. Or, draw up a list of weaknesses and create a triplet w a cardio component added to it.

Bottom line____ HAVE A PLAN OF ATTACK.