nuff said

nuff said


* Oly class at 8am on Saturday 2/1

* Yoga at 9am on Sunday 2/2

* Come out and support your SMCF crew this weekend as they take on the Winter Warmer II in Montgomeryville on Saturday 2/1 from 9am to 5pm and the 3rd week of the Tri- County Throwdown at CrossFit Rage on Sunday 2/2, starting at 11:30am.  Good luck everyone and GET AFTER IT!

* Have YOU registered for the OPEN?  Last year, SMCF had 60 athletes take on 5 weeks of challenging workouts together.  As a community, we cheered each other on, struggled together, rejoiced when our athletes did well, and picked each other up when we had a crap day.  WHY register for the OPEN?  Check out just a few more reasons from the voices in the CF community:



16 minute time cap

A. 8 minutes to complete the following

10 ohs 135/85

5 wall climbs

8 ohs

4 wall climbs

6 ohs

3 wall climbs

4 ohs

2 wall climbs

2 ohs

1 wall climb

* at the 8 minute mark use the remaining 8 minutes to work up to your heaviest 1 rep snatch

(can be a squat snatch, power snatch or split snatch)