Let’s get right to the business… It’s going to snow, only Dennis O’Donnell Jr. truly knows how much mess this storm will produce, so let’s be smart about classes and cancel the 6am right away.

6am is cancelled

As of now the 9am is on.

I’d like to give the road crews the morning to do their job and reassess how we stand.  I plan to be here, if you can make it in let’s get dirty! Please use your best judgement during the snow.

Couple of announcements:

Coach Scott will be doing a Muscle Up clinic on Sat 2/22 at 10am. He’d love to share his obsession of the MU with all you SMCFers so let’s get a good crew in here and monkey around a bit.

Nice Job on the sprint today gang! Those clean and jerks are really coming around. It’s exciting to see athletes starting to get comfortable with the barbell in their hands!




3 Rds for time

250 m row

30 Push ups

40 alternating 1 arm KB swing 35/25

50 Air squats