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Hey, if you haven’t heard, there’s this CF Open thing coming up… might be fun to participate! I heard you have to sign up online or something… http://games.crossfit.com/2013-registration

The Open is a fun event to still get your WOD in w your best SMCF buddies but fullfill your hidden competitive ego by comparing your results to the rest of the world.  Excitement is building as March 6th is right around the corner.  If you’re signing up be sure to select your affiliate, SMCF, and join the SMCF team!!


Strict Press


-3 separate WODS-


4 Rds for time

10 body weight back squats from rack

20 Pullups

3 min rest


3 Rds for time

20 pushups

30 OH lunges 45/25

3 min rest

WOD 3 for time

2 Rds for time

30 Slam Balls

40 Air Squats

results 2.27