Saturday Agenda:

7am Group Class

8am Olympic Lifting

9am Group Class


Remember out friends CF Apex in Souderton, PA are holding the Ogar Strong Wod tomorrow at 9:30 am. The workout is $20 and all of the proceeds go directly to the Ogar Strong Fund.


Have YOU signed up for the CrossFit Open yet?  Yes, YOU!!  Haven’t yet??  READ ON please…

We’ve been talking about the Open for months.  We’ve been posting about it for weeks.  Those of you who did it last year understand the excitement and understand why we are pushing every single one of our members to sign up.  If you didn’t do the Open last year, you may have mixed emotion.  Not feeling confident?  Why do it if you’re not going to go to the CrossFit Games, right?  What’s the point?

Everyone participates in the OPEN for different reasons, but it all boils down to this:  WE ARE A COMMUNITY.  WE ARE CROSSFITTERS.  THIS IS WHAT WE DO.  From the coast of California to the African safari, to the Great Wall of China, the CrossFit community comes together for 5 weeks to test themselves and compare their efforts with THE WORLD.  How many times in your life do you have any opportunity to see how you stack up against a dude from Peru who beat you by 2 reps every workout last year?  How often do you get a chance to put it all on the line and be a part of something HUGE for $20?

We can’t promise that you’ll love every second of it.  The wods are tough.  There probably will be some skills or weights you aren’t able to do yet.  You’ll probably feel more nervous for a workout than you ever have before.  BUT we can promise that if you don’t do it, you’ll feel left out.  You’ll regret not paying your $20 registration fee.

2 years ago Coach Kacie almost didn’t do the Open.  Due to a ruptured tendon in her ankle, she learned she would be in a cast throughout the entire Open and would not be healed in time for Regionals.  What was the point of doing it at all?  But then then members of her gym, her CrossFit family, encouraged her to sign up, and she did.  Every single week she completed the workouts…on one leg, crutches and all.  Every week it sucked, but she did it, and she was able to push and struggle with the rest of the world, in her own way.  That’s part of the reason we do CrossFit and not just hop on the elliptical right?  We yearn for the struggle and the challenge.  We like to stare fear and discomfort in the face!

The following is a clip of the 7 minute burpee workout she did.  (Don’t recommend watching the whole thing because it’s boring!)

 So before you say, eh I’m not doing the Open, think about WHY you come to the gym every day and bust your butt.  Think about the people out there who would give anything to have a healthy body to be a part of something like this.

We’ll get off our soapbox now.  SMCF.  Over and out.





20 min AMRAP of

5 power cleans  145/100

10 toes to bar

15 wall balls  20# 10’/14# 9′