As May approaches we want everyone to revisit your 3 month goals and also think of some 6 month goals too.  In the next week we will be getting more information out to everyone about a program we have set up to keep everyone acccountable and on track over the next 3 – 6 months to heopefully reach those goals! 

Next time you are in the gym take some time to write down your goals on the blackboard before you walk into the gym.   Sorry if you wrote this down on the board previously but we had some chalk monsters run wild on the board!  Please write down your name and  2 short term goals (3 months) and 2 long term goals (6  months).  Remember to make these SMART goals (please see below).


 Quick reminders

  • We now have some wrist wraps in the gym for purchase ($20).  We do have a limited quantity available so get them quickly.  Speak to Kacie, Brad or Kurt to purchase these.  If we run out and people want more of these we can grab more for the gym, please let us know.
  • Superfit Morristown on May 11th  is approaching, sign up!!!  So far we have 10 people from the gym signed up for both RX and Scaled.  Come out and join us for a fun event.  to sign up just go to
  • May 4th is the “Run for Rich ” in Bethlehem.  Please see the details at the gym.
  • May 4th is also our next SMCF social.  Get ready to do a little indoor rock climbing.  Stay tuned for more details on this but be sure  make some room on your schedule in the afternoon of May 4th to come get your climb on.
  • Oly class starts back up at 8am on Saturday May 4th.  Come out and learn or perfect your technique on the Oly lifts with Coach Jake.
  • Is anyone istereted in strongman style lifts???  Sunday May 5th Iron Sport Gym in GlenOlden, Pa is holding a 3 hour strongman seminar.  I have heard thet this is an awesome seminar and is worth the money.  Please check out the registration link
  • If you havent got information yet on how to register for Mind/Body please ask Kacie, Brad or Kurt for a print out of instructions.  We would like all members to create a Mind/Body account.  Mind/Body is an online gym management tool that will allow you as members amongst numerous other things to pay for your memberships online each month.  Welcome to 2013 SMCF!