JoJo making it look easy

JoJo making it look easy

***Remember tomorrows Redo’s for 14.3 are being performed from 1-4pm, at the 4pm class or the 7pm class.  All other tiomes during the day are by appt. only.  Make sure you get your scores in by 8pm EST on Monday.***

We have seen alot of you crush this workout and push past your boundaries…keep up thr great work SMCF!

A. Conditioning:

Option A  21-15-9

Option B 15-10-5

Strict pullups

Strict matador bar dips

*  The objective for this workout is to test you strict pullups and dips.  Even if you have to scale to a band please try to make the pullups and dips as strict as possible.

*Based on you pullup and dip ability choose either option A or B.

B.  Strength:

With 8 minutes on the clock build up to you heaviest set of 1 power clean plus 3 front squats.

C.  Conditioning:

7 minute amrap

3 wallballs

3 burpees

6 wallballs

6 burpess

9 wallballs

9 burpees

12 wallballs

12 burpees

15 wallballs

15 burpees

*After the round of 15 you go back to the round of 3 and work your way back up the ladder.

*Your score = total reps