Thank you to everyone who participated in the CrossFit for Hope fundraiser.  SMCF raised $700 to add towards our friends at CF Apex’s target of $14,000, which will build a new school in Kenya.

CF Apex also invited all SMCFers to join them tomorrow (Sat) night for a last hooray before the Open’s start.  6pm at the Green House in Sauderton.  Fat Saturday….The Calm before the Storm!! talk to a trainer for details.



15 min AMRAP

1 Thruster (155/100)

9 DL (155/100)

12 HRPU’s

15 BJs

1 C2B Pullup

Thruster and C2B reps build as rounds increase. ex) Rd 2 = 2 Thrusters and 2 C2B. Rd 3 = 3 Thrusters and 3 C2B, etc..  All other reps remain the same as the Rds increase.

Any components look familiar?

Oh and have you heard about this CF Open thing?

So far we have 31 SMCFers signed up, this is going to be FUN!!!!