30 Min AMRAP:

With a Partner –

300M Run together (to the driveway leading into front parking lot)
10 synchronized Front Squats (95/65)
2 complexes each (user choice, ping pong each complex):
3 Toes through rings + 3 Ring Muscle-Ups = 1 complex
3 Toes 2 Bar + 3 Bar Muscle-Ups = 1 complex

3,2,1, go….. Both P1 & P2 complete 300M Run together. When they
return, P1 & P2 both have their own barbells and do 10 each synchro front
squats. Synchro at the bottom, synchro at the top. Then, P1 does 1 complex
of their choosing (ring or bar) while P2 rests. After P1 does 1 complex, switch
now P2 does 1 complex. When P2 finishes, P1 does their 2nd complex, then
switch, now P2 does their second complex. When finished, start round 2 on
another 300M run together.