1.      Gene Ferretti      Scott Hagey        Dana Ferretti

2.      John Zannakis                Eric Covell           Matt Faragasso

3.      Steph Kennedy       Anita Parrondo         Becky Bodnar

4.      Deanna Smickley              Salena Labenberg             Lisa Makhoul

5.      Alyssa Maltese          Erin Berloff         Chrissy Hoffman

6.      Julia Becker         Margaret Powell            Lori Hiller

7.      Taylor (TJ) Johnson                Irena  Cabrera              Kirsten Peters

8.      Sarah Z igman                Courtney Benedict                    Katy Kohls

9.      Miguel Cochran                  Wes  Via                    Dave Sabol

10.   Dr. Trish                     Keeley Welsh                 Sarah Ferretti

11.   Mike Weiss         Justin Houck               JoePa

12.  Matt Ball                       Ryan Morrison             Brandon Malone

13.   Robert Torres        Bill Kulnis        Dr. Tony

14.  James “Fox” Cahill           Jimi WYnn       Ryan Ball

15.  Sherri Confalone       Jess Frey      Sherri Bell

We highly recommend contacting your team members through facebook, emial, phone, etc.  We will be sending out an email tomorrow with your teammate’s info.

Wednesday and Friday will be the WODs we are testing for performance.  These WODs will be programmed as the WOD of the day.  You can also make them up during Open Gym on Sunday as well.  The same WODs will be retested at the end of the first 30 day challenge.  Remember, the purpose of completing these WODs is to see if your performance is impacted by improving your nutrition or other lifestyle behaviors so try not to miss them!


A. Conditioning:

3 minute amrap

Shoulder to Overhead

Men – 95/115/135/155

Women – 65/85/105/1115

*The weight is users choice and the score for the workout is total reps times total weight for overall total weight moved.

B. Conditioning:

14 minute EMOM

even – 1 squat clean thuster (increasing in weight to work uo to a heavy 1 rep)

odd – 15/12 calorie row (15 for guys/12 for ladies)

C. Conditioning:

5 squat cleans 165/125

15 toes to bar

4 squat cleans

15 toes to bar

3 squats cleans

15 toes to bar

2 squat cleans

15 toes to bar

1 squat clean

15 toes to bar