Nice try Kacie

Nice try Kacie

This week was absolutely AWESOME.  We saw alot of new and old faces really digging deep onsome tough workouts.  Lets finish out the week with a great workout on Saturday AM.  Plus you get to be coached by the two coolest Eric’s we know and the one and only Jake Knight.


*Dr. Tony will be holding a discussion about nutrition this Saturday, April 26th at 11am.  This talk is open to all members, but if you are doing the Challenge, we highly recommend coming! 

*If you arent doing anything tomorrow and are looking for a great time and you get to see some aesome athletes honoring some fallen heroes, stop down to Xfinity live in Philly to check out the Manion WOD.   Carlos aka (Dj Dynamite will be rocking the box on the maoin stage all day long!



EMOM – 14 minutes

Even minutes – 1 snatch pull + 1 power snatch

Odd minutes – 5 hspus (use a deficit if you want to make it more difficult)


4 rounds for time

5 power snatchs 155/115

15 slam balls 40/30

25 wallballs 20/14