* Monday had nothing on SMCF.  Did anyone PR today AFTER the WOD?  great work All!

*  If you are still on the fence about Superfit come give this one your best shot and join the crew heading up to Superfit  Morristown on 5/11.  We have 14 so far and hopefully still counting.

* Reminder goal sheets are due Wed. May 1st…get them in.  Eric S already needs to rethink one of his goals because he nailed a 5:43 FRAN today while visiting CrossFit Syracuse…give him an ATTA BOY next time you see him…great work Eric!


Back Squat


A. Tabata row for calories

B. 7 minute AMRAP

30 ohs 115/80

30 du’s

20 ohs 115/80

20 du’s

10 ohs

10 du’s



*Check out some friends from of South Mountain rocking their SMCF shirts at UFC 159 this past weekend and in Cabo, Mexico.



photo photo