A.  Bench Press

1×9 @ 55%

1×7 @ 65%

3×5 @ 75%

B. Matador Bar Dips

4×6 (slight hold at the bottom of the dip)


With a partner perform 4 rounds for time

8 pushups on the bar

8 deadlifts

8 hang cleans

8 front squats

8 shoulder to overhead

8 bent over rows

*135/95 for BB movments

*Partners switch after each movement…partner 1 does 8 BB pushups then partner 2 does 8 BB pushups…etc.

*Once the workout starts the BB cannot touch the floor (only during BB pushups)

*If the BB touches the ground you have to start the set over again

Cash Out:

10-1 burpee sprint

*10 burpees sprint 50 feet then complete 9 burpees sprint 5o feet…etc.

*This is an all out effort