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Mary, Claire, Crista, & Lauren posing for a pre-CMC pic!

Our SMCF team wellness performance challenge has come to a close.  Congrats to all the teams who participated, and especially to those who were able to shed some pounds, decrease body fat, improve nutrition, sleep more, etc.

 The following teams had the highest % of weight loss over the past four weeks:

 #3:  Team “Lighter in the Loafers” Justin Houck, JoePa, and Mike Weiss collectively lost 3.01% of their total weight

#2:  Team “F.O.G. (Fat Old Guys)”  Robert Torres, Bill, and Dr. Tony collectively lost 3.62% of their total weight

And our Champions, #1:  Team “Mack Trucks”  Ryan, Matt Ball, and Brandon collectively lost an unmatched whopping 8.56% of their total weight.  That’s almost 70 lbs!!

 “Lighter in the Loafers” and the “Fat Old Guys” will be receiving some SMCF swag and Kill Cliffs!  Our Champions will receive a new pair of pants (just kidding) a free month membership along with SMCF swag and Kill Cliffs!

Congrats to all of our participants!  You will receive an email next week with an update of how your team did. 

And remember, the program will continue with an individual challenge.  The first weigh-in for this will be Friday, May 30thand will last for another 4 weeks. 

Check out Team SMCF throwing down via LIVE streaming on on Fri, Sat, and Sun 9-11am.

*Weekend schedule: Sat NO 7am. Oly Class @8am. Group Classes at 9am and 10am.

**Sun Closed

***Mon Open gym from 6am-8am. Hero WOD @10am


Front Squat

1×9@50%, 1×7@60%, 3×5@70%


For reps

2 min max Cals on Rower

2 min break

2 min max Toes 2 Bar

2 min break

2 min max body weight Backsquats

2 min break

2 min max Slam Balls

2 min break

2 min max Pullups