In honor of Kurt’s birthday, this birthday WOD is a SURPRISE!! 


You def. won’t want to miss out on this one.  We heard Kurt may actually do the WOD in his Tigger outfit??

Pete will also be completing his 183 birthday burpees during Open Gym. 

Great job to everyone for hanging onto those WBs.  This will be a birthday present Pete will never forget.

Ok, ok, we’ll let you know this much about the class tomorrow:

Strength: Strict/Weighted Pull-ups and L-sits


– Jake’s Oly. class this Saturday @ 8am

– Kid’s Class this Saturday @ 12pm

– Run 4 Rich 5k this Saturday

– Rock Climbing Social Saturday 3-5:15 at North Summit Climbing Gym in Wind Gap

– Save the Date!  Monday, May 27th