Nice shirt Brews!

Nice shirt Brews!


Strength: (Get Your Meathead ON)

A. Bench Press

1×9 @ 50%

1×7 @ 60%

3×5 @ 70%

*1 minute max reps at 50% of 1 rep

B. Matador bar Dips

3×5 (second hold at the bottom each round)

*work those negatives


100 meter sled push (ramp to end of parking lot and back)

300 ft bear crawl (6 lengths of the rig…starts on the side with the ropes…down and back = 1)

100 push press 95/65 (take these outside)

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND and GOOD LUCK to any SMCF members running the Broad Street Run and competing in the AMRAP for Autism at Central Bucks CrossFit this Sunday!