Congrats to Dr. Alex Weldon on being named South Mountain CrossFit’s May athlete of the month.   Alex is always smiling, encouraging people and pushing hard (sweating like a MF) during every workout.  Thank you for your commitment Alex!

Moving forward each athlete of the month will be awarded the opportunity to come up with a workout for the group classes.  Below is Alex’s workout…now you can blame your fellow athletes and not us for the brutal workouts.

Lets get another great week of training in and then ship on up to SteelFit in Morristown, NJ and collect some hardware!


15 minutes to build to heaviest possible front rack lunge from the rack

1 = 2 legs touching the ground and standing up



For Time

1000m row
40 kb swing snatch 55/35
*5 each arm
20 front rack lunges 135/95
750 m row
30 kb swing snatch 55/35
*5 each arm
15 front rack lunges 135/95
500 m row
20 kb swing snatch 55/35
*5 each arm
10 front rack lunges 135/95
250 m row
10 kb swing snatch 55/35
*5 each arm
5 front rack lunges 135/95