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Congratulations to all of the TYM Competitors from this weekend! and thank you to all of our supporters that made the time to cheer on their fellow SMCFers!!

Big up to all of our first time competitors. Taking that step to trying your first competition is huge!! You never forget your first 😉

Another huge congrats to our athletes placing this past weekend

Zach Coop took 5th in individuals

Justin Huuuuuuuuuck took 4th

Big Tone Colasurdo took 2nd

C. Tam took 4th

Team Apex and SMCFers took 2nd in teams (KC, Erica, Kutty, and Cobian (aka Keith!))


Back Squat Wendler week 4


14 min EMOM

odd min

10 slam balls 40/30

10 jumping lunges

even min

10 situps

10 pushups