Kelly ready to row!

Kelly ready to row!

Everyone did a GREAT job with Wednesday’s WOD!  Way to stay on the KBS and dig deep.  We’ve been throwing a lot of crazy workouts at you guys lately and you’ve all be handling them like champs!  You all continue to impress the HECK out of us with your mental toughness and resilience.  Keep up the great work.  STAND TALL OR DON’T STAND AT ALL!


Strength:  Snatch


Conditioning:  15-12-15-12

SDLHP  95/65

HSPU  (45’s + Abmat/25’s + Abmat)


Core:  2 min. max Turkish getups


Avery is pooped from yesterday's WOD!

Avery Burnett is pooped from yesterday’s WOD!