Good lookin' lineup

Good lookin’ lineup

Strength:  Strict Press & Bench Press (Wendler Week 3)


Conditioning:  6 rounds total- 2 min. AMRAPS

*rounds 1/3/5

20/15 calorie row

Remaining time, max. T2B

*rounds 2/4/6

20/15 calorie row

Remaining time, max. push-ups


10:30am Endurance WOD:  “Fire Breather”

1 mile run

10 calories on air dyne

1 min. rest

800m run

20 calories on air dyne

2 min. rest

400m run

30 calories on air dyne

3 min. rest

200m run

40 calories on air dyne


Remember, this Saturday we will NOT be having any group classes at the box.  We are collaborating with our friends at CrossFit Apex and running 2 group classes (9am and 10am) with members from Apex and SMCF combined.  The classes are being held at the SVS store in Quakertown, PA off of route 309.  We are also holding a free 11am WOD for those who want to give CF a try.  All levels are welcome.

If you plan on attending either class, please sign up ahead of time.  There are sheets posted in the lobby.  It’s going to be a great morning and we are excited to WOD with some awesome Apexers.  This is what CrossFit is all about….getting to know the community of dedicated athletes outside our own box.


Come out and support a great event that Trish and Tony are running at Southern Lehigh High School on Saturday October 5th.  The event is The Tri-a-Biathlon Challenge.

Southern Lehigh School District is excited to announce the 2013 Tri-a-Biathlon Challenge.   Summer is a great opportunity for students to get out and exercise with their classmates and teachers.    The Biathlon is a bike/run race. Grades 3-12 will bike 4 miles and grades 3-6 will run 1.5 miles; 7-8 2.5 miles and 9-12 will run a 5K.  We are happy to announce, too, that we will have obstacle courses/races for elementary school age (K-3) students. There is no registration for this and it is free of charge.  It’s going to be a morning of fun and fitness for all!
The event is on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 8 am and will begin at the Intermediate School and finish at Southern Lehigh football stadium.  The mentors will participate in the finale with an exciting 1 mile race. Please encourage your child to participate in this event.  The cost is $25, which will benefit Southern Lehigh Education Foundation (SLEF) and Wescoe Community Fund.  Join our school and our community in this monumental event.