***Good luck to those in the SMCF crew who are competing in the CrossFit 215 Partner Throwdown tomorrow

***Hope to see alot of people out at Revolutions on Saturday night between 8 and 9pm for some food, drinks and a little bowling action.  We have a ton of new faces in the box and it would be great to see everyone out of their play clothes..ha.

***Yoga  Sunday at 9am.  Dana teaches an awesome class so come out and get your Zen on.

***This weekend we will only be having 7am and 9am group classes and Oly class at 8am.  Thank you all for being patient with our schedule changes.

***Starting next week Noon classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

***September 28th Ultimate Fitness Experience with CrossFit APEX in Quakertown.  Look for sign up sheets on the front table for the 9am or 10am group class.  Lets get a good turnout together gang!

***Mens short order and additional Womens shorts have been delivered to the printer…look for them soon! Also we will have some flex-fit caps very soon.



Complete the following wit a partner

A.  10 minutes to find a 7 rep max squat clean between both partnetrs

* score is the highest total completed by both partners

5 min rest

B.  Partner 1 completes 30 clean and jerks for time and once partner 1 finishes partner 2 does 30 clean and jerks for time.

* score is total time it takes both partners to complete 60 total clean and jerks

3 min rest

C.  3 minutes max burpee box jump overs

* 2 boxes for each team

* score is total burpee box jump overs compiled by your team in 3 minutes