1/22/20 “Put It on the Line”

Strength: Hang Snatch + OHS12 minutes to find heavy set Conditioning: 20 Min Clock100/70 Cal Ski80 T2BFind Heavy Hang Snatch in remaining time Core: 3×45 sec plank

1/21/20 “How You Like Me Now”

Strength:DB Strict Press + Strict Press5x 5+5 Conditioning: 15 min EMOM1 – 12 HSPU2 – 12 DB Deadlifts 70s/50s3 – 12 Box Jump Overs 24/20 Finisher:2 min max Strict RMU or S C2B or S Pull ups

1/20/20 “Short Change Hero”

Strength:Power Clean1 rep every 30 seconds for 3 min (6)1 rep every 45 sec for 4:30 (6)1 rep every minute for 6 min Conditioning: 4 Rounds For Time9 Cleans 165/11575 DU12 Bar Facing BurpeesRest as needed *Score = total time + slowest round duration Core: Tabata...

1/18/20 “Tom Sawyer”

Teams of 3 3000m row100 Back Squats 205/145200 BFB *two athletes working at a time*Back squat bar and burpee bar must be the same

1/17/20 “Fly By Night”

Strength: Narrow Grip Bench Press5x5 building Conditioning: 16 min AMRAP10 Squat Clean Wall Balls 20/1415 Axle Bar Push Press 95/6510/7 Cal Ski*add 10/7 cals to ski every round Finisher: 3×10 Barbell Curls