“For the Great Zerbe”

Congrats to December AOTM Matt Zerbe, this wods for you bud! “AbZerbe” Strength: A. 4×10 good mornings (from the rack)  B. 10 minutes to build to a heavy 1 rep max muscle snatch Conditioning: Performance/Fitness A. 10 minutes to build to Max...

10/11/16 “Helens twisted dipper”

Strength:  Back Squat  7×2 @ 90% of 2 rep max  Conditioning: Performance  3 rounds for time  400 meter run  21 kbs 12 matador bar dips  *rx wear 20/10 pound weight vest the whole workout! Fitness  3 rounds for time ...

9/17/16  “Big Sky Blues”

Conditioning: Partner A: rows 250m Partner B: Max kbs 55/35 while partner is rowing Then switch. Each partner completes 5 rounds. Score is total number of kbs 1 round = row and kbs for each partner 

8/24/16 “Fast Twitch”

Strength: 8×2 box squats (3 second pause at the bottom on the box on each rep) *box should be slightly below Parallel, load hamstrings before you drive up Conditioning:  Performance/Fitness E2MOM – 12 minutes  40 double unders  20 kbs 55/35...

8/12/16 “The Chronic”

Strength: Deadlift 9×1 Conditioning: Performance/Fitness 16 minute amrap 15 hand release push-ups  10 deadlifts 185/125 15 Med ball squat cleans 

7/11/16 “The Wasp Sting”

STRENGTH: 15 minutes to build to a heavy 2 rep hang clean (power or full) CONDITIONING: For time: 10-1 SDLHP  95/65 *100m run after each round 1-10 hang power cleans  95/65 *100m row after each round