9/14/19 Shelly

7 Rounds FT5 Man Makers 45s/25s7 Ring Dips9 Axle Bar Power Cleans 155/105200m run with a sandbag

9/13/19 “Art of War”

Strength:Power Clean + Split Jerk6x2. Go every 90 seconds Conditioning:50 Abmat Sit ups50 Push Ups40 Abmat Sit ups40 DB Push Press 50/3530 Abmat Sit ups30 Push Ups20 Abmat Sit ups20 DB Push Press 50/3510 Abmat Sit ups10 Push Ups Finisher:3×10 each arm SA DB Row...

9/12/19 “Rewind”

Strength:Front Squat 1 1/45×5 Conditioning:12 Min EMOMEven – 12 SDLHP 95/65Odd – 20 Wall Balls 20/14 Core:3×10 Sculler sit ups


Strength:Strict Press3x5 @ 65% 9/11 Tribute WOD:For Time2001m Run11 Box Jumps 30/2411 Thrusters 125/8511 C2B11 P Cleans 175/11511 HSPU11 KB Swings 70/5511 T2B11 Deadlifts 175/11511 Push Jerks 115/752001m Row

9/10/19 “Be Legendary”

Strength:Deadlifts5x4 with 2 second hold at the top @65%. Go every 90 Seconds Conditioning:10 Minute Clock5 Rounds For Time15/10 Cal AAB10 BurpeesThenAMRAP DBall cleans 100/70 Finisher:50 banded face pulls

9/9/19 “Waking Lions”

Strength:SnatchFind heavy single for the day Conditioning:For time (15 min cap)10 OHS 155/10540 KB Deadlifts 70s/55s30/21 Cal Ski40 Box Jump Overs 24/20100 DU100 ft HS walk Core:3×30 sec one arm planks on hand each side