8/3/20 “Runaway”

Warm Up: 3 min bikeThen 2 Rounds5 S Pull Ups50 Single Unders10 Kip Swings10 Double DB Deadlift Conditioning:20 C2B150 DU20 DB Cleans 50s/35s150 DU20 C2B16 min cap Strength: 10 minutes4x3 Reset Deadlifts65-75% Core: 3×30 sec one arm planks on hand each...

8/1/20 “Champion”

With a Partner:10 Rounds For time200m Run W/MB 20/1430 DB Snatches 50/359 DBall/SB S Cleans 100/70One partner completes a round, then switch10 rounds total

7/31/20 “You and I”

Warm Up: 4 Rounds5 Pull Ups10 Push Ups15 A SquatsThen30 Single Arm DB C+J Conditioning: 4 x 3 min AMRAP15/12 Cal Row7 Hang Clean and Jerks1 min Rest95/65 Add 20/10 each roundPick up where you left off Strength:E90 Sec x 62 Low Hang S CleansDrop and Reset Core:...

7/30/20 “Golden Dandelions”

Warm Up: 3 min AABThen2 Rounds15 PVC OHS20 Russian KB Swings Conditioning: 15 S Snatch 135/95400m Run@5 min10 S Snatch 155/105400m Run@10 min5 S Snatch 185/125400m Run Strength:8 MinFind 1 rep Push Press Core: 40 MB Sit Ups

7/29/20 “Fire”

Warm Up: 4 Rounds50 DU10 Kip Swings10 Barbell good mornings5 Inch worms Conditioning: 3 Rounds FT25 T2B15 Bar Facing Burpees5 Deadlifts 315/225 Strength: Deadlifts5x8 @ 50-60% Core:Tabata Superman

7/28/20 “Glitter & Gold”

Warm Up:500m RowThen2 Rounds20 DB Goblet Squats10 DB Push Press Each ArmThen Ankle Mobility Conditioning:2 Rounds20 S2OH 115/7530/20 Cal Ski40 Pistols10 min cap Strength: Front Squat3x8 @ 65-75% Core: 40 Banded Deadbug