6/29/20 “Moon”

Minimal Equipment:21 15 9SDLHPGoblet SquatsBurpees No Equipment:40-30-20Air SquatsBurpees*200m run after each round Core: Tabata Superman

6/27/20 Jenny

Minimal Equipment:20 min AMRAP20 OHS 45/3520 Back Squats 45/35400m Run No Equipment: 20 min20 Object Front Rack Squats20 Air Squats400m run

6/26/20 “Jimmy Rover”

Minimal Equipment:12 min AMRAP5 Pull Ups50 DU100m Object Carry*carry object in bear hug No Equipment:12 min AMRAP5 Table Pull Ups30 Mountain Climbers100m Object Carry*carry object in bear hug Core: 50 Alternating single leg raises

6/25/20 “Save”

Minimal Equipment: 5 Rounds20 DB/KB Deadlifts20 DB/KB Rows*every drop = 5 Push Ups No Equipment: 5 Rounds20 Tuck Jumps50ft Death March Core:50 Alternating Single Leg Crunches

6/24/20 “Suzie”

Minimal Equipment:15 min AMRAP20 S Cleans800m Run40 Box Step OversAMRAP Power Cleans No Equipment: 15 min AMRAP30 Burpees1200m Run50 Back+Front LungeAMRAP Burpee Step Ups Core: 3×30 Sec Copenhagen plank holds each side

6/23/20 “Eyes”

Minimal Equipment:For Time100 DB Snatches*EMOM, start with 6 SA Thrusters No Equipment: For Time100 Object SDLHP*EMOM, Start with 6 object squats Core: Tabata Plank Up Downs