11/5/19 “Praying Man”

Strength: Back Squat20 Rep @ 60% 1RM + 5-10# Conditioning: 3 Rounds15 HSPU10 C2BThen3 Rounds10 Alternating Arm DB Thrusters 50s/35s15/12 Cal Row Finisher: 3×8 each leg Banded single leg bridges

11/4/19 “Riding With the King”

Strength:S Clean3 Reps EMOM x6 Conditioning: With a Partner25 Min AMRAP20/13 Cal AAB6 DBall Cleans 100/704 S2OH 155/105Partner A completes round, then switch Core: 3×10 Double KB Sit up

11/1/19 “City Lights”

Strength: Split Jerk6x2 Conditioning: 18 min EMOM15/10 Cal AAB10 MB Cleans 20/1410 DB Push Press 50s/35s Finisher: 50 banded tricep pull downs

10/31/19 “Happy Face”

Strength:Hang Power Clean6x2 Conditioning: 12 minute Clock25 Devil Press 50s/35s25 C2B25 GHD SUMax Bike Erg Cals in Remaining Time Core: Tabata Flutter kicks

10/30/19 “Baroness”

Strength: Deadlift from blocks4x4 Conditioning: For Time1000m RowThen20-15-10Wall Balls 20/1415-10-5HSPUThen500m Row Finisher: 1 min wall sit with plate on legs 30 sec rest, 1 min wall sit no plate

10/29/19 “The Simple Life”

Strength: Hip Hang Snatch1 rep every 45 seconds x10 Conditioning:15 Minute AMRAP12 OHS 95/6510 Burpees to 6″ Target12 KB Swings 70/5524/16 Cal Ski Core: 30 banded standing twists each side