With a big competition at SMCF coming up soon, we’ve asked some of our coaches to dish out some of their competition “gameday secrets.”



Coach Kurt (aka Kutty)-   I always have my knee wraps (and will bust a U-turn on I-95 if I forget them), wrist wraps, foam roller (to roll out in between wods), Voodoo bands (for the knees), beach chair, pre-workout and shakers, cooler full of whatever Kacie makes me, gallon jugs of water, weight belt, Oly shoes, and a tent to set up away from the crowds!  I spend a good amount of time warming up and breaking a sweat before my heat, then cool down after.  Oh, and drink that pre-workout crack juice!

But seriously, the best piece of advice is to take it all in.  Know that you have put in so many hours at the gym already and you are prepared for anything.  Don’t look ahead, just take it as they come and keep moving.  Remember, it is just working out…only faster!

Coach Kacie-  Most importantly, I bring about 8 Vita Cocos to keep me hydrated.  It’s tough for me to eat between WODs, but I’ll usually have sweet potatoes, ground turkey, dried fruit, and almond butter on hand.  I never feel hungry, but I know I have to eat in between workouts.  I focus more on being comfortable; sweatshirts and sweatpants, flip flops or Ugs, a lawn chair, and a foam roller (to sleep on because as weird as it is, I always nap in between WODs).  I perform much better when I’m calm and relaxed!

I hate leaderboarding and knowing where I stand, so I normally don’t look.  I prefer to focus on myself and do the best that I can.  When I worry about other people and what they are doing, I stop having fun.  Focus on all you can do and dig as deep as you can and you won’t be disappointed!


Coach Joel–  I’m a huge fan of Nuun hydration tablets.  Great in between WODs!  Recovery shake wise- Whey protein and I add dextrose powder (carbs) to replenish glycogen stores, which pretty much enters your system because of such a high glycemic index.

Don’t change anything up from your normal diet that day.  Stick to what your body knows.


Coach Brando-  The day before is so crucial to how you perform.  By making a huge breakfast the morning before I get the high protein and hydration.  Fruit and veggies throughout the day, then have some carbs as a late lunch/early evening meal.  Nothing too heavy.  KEEP IT LIGHT!!  Always drinking loads of water.  The morning of, I do some easy stretching, followed by some fruit to eat.  Have to drop the ritual #2 before any competition while sipping on some coffee.

Then I crush some beers 🙂


Coach Courtney-  I bring water, coconut water, fruit (bananas, strawberries, apples), hard boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, protein shake, and protein bars.


Coach Jake-  You need to stay hydrated and jeep your energy up.  Bring water, healthy snacks, and your protein/recovery drinks.  Keep your body recovered throughout the day.  Make sure you get a good nights sleep for at least a couple of days before the competition. Then show up, ready to go!


Coach Pete-  I’m still trying to figure it out myself!  CrossFit comps are not much different than wrestling tournaments.  So based upon that, I prepare accordingly with some changes.  Lots of water the days before.  Two days before, lots of stretching and the day before, 15-20 minutes of light cardio.  Food intake remains clean a few days before, but adding in some Carbs.  I make peanut butter energy balls with whole oats, honey, chocolate, wheat germ, almond meal, and coconut.  I’ll also have eggs, cheese, bacon and avocado the morning of the event.


Coach Dom-  I have no major ritual or schedule the day before or the day of.  Usually the day before I still like to get in the gym and stretch and do a light run or air dyne workout.  My muscles usually need to move more the day before so they don’t tense up the day of the comp.  As far as eating the day before, I stick to just my normal diet, no beer cracking for me.  The day of, I’ll have a light breakfast with fruits and nuts.  Throughout the day I re energize with fruit and nuts between WODs and of course, the crack juice is key!


Coach Eric-  My plan, besides hydration, is to try as much as possible to keep a regular schedule next days leading up to the comp.  I make sure I don’t lose out on any sleep.  I also try to keep my eating times consistent.  I do my best not to create extra stress.


Coach Brad-  My comp. prep starts the week of the event with an even cleaner diet and hydration.  Food prep is clutch and shouldn’t be kept until the last minute.  I’ll normally make paleo protein bars to eat on the comp day.  I follow the 48 hour sleep rule.  48 hours prior to the event is important, for quality sleep makes or breaks your physical and mental state.  A large breakfast that morning sets the base for my energy load.  Fruit, nuts, and light fare in between WODs with time allotted to lay and chill.  Mental state is more crucial to me than anything!  I remain calm and enjoy my surroundings, laugh, focus on the task ahead, but don’t over think it.  Have your gear organized, your favorite music on, and by all means, avoid any negative thoughts.  If someone around you is negative, avoid them, walk away.  You’ve worked hard, and you’re not going to get better 30 mins prior.  Focus on the task.  Have fun.  Execute.


Coach Fox-  Coach Fox didn’t get back with a response in time, so we’ve kindly inserted one for him:  “Don’t be a pale, frail fox like me.  Man up and slam some serious weight!”


Coach Scott-   Day before the competition:  WATER WATER WATER!  Most of us make a conscious effort to drink more water, but I feel this is even more important the day before a competition to ensure your body is properly hydrated.  Competition days usually consist of 3-5 WODs, more than your one-a-day at the 6pm class.  I make sure I drink plenty of water the day before and get 8 hours of sleep.

Day of competition:  I make sure I get up early enough to eat breakfast.  Usually throughout the day you’re not going to want to eat anything heavy, so eating a good breakfast  is essential, at least 2 hours before your first WOD.  2 eggs with some turkey bacon and orange juice is how I roll.  I don’t mess with the coffee like many of my fellow CrossFitters do.

I always pack watermelon, bananas, and oranges.  Perfect food that doesn’t make me feel like I just ate a 5 dollar foot-long, but it fills me up and fuels me me enough to last the day.  I’ll also drink 1 or 2 protein shakes during the day after a WOD.


There you have it!  Some wise words of wisdom from our SMCF coaches. 

Best of luck to all of our athletes competing in Rally in the Valley this weekend.  DO WORK SMCF!!