The first Open Workout will be announced tonight at 8pm.  Prepare for the unexpected, as well as a complete uproar on your social media accounts!  No one saw a 7 min Burpee AMRAP coming last year.  Who  knows what will happen in 2013!

For the athletes who are competing in the Open, your workouts must be judged by an assigned athlete or trainer (we’ll provide) and your score must be submitted online before 5pm every Sunday.  We have opened up the days and times below to give athletes the opportunity to complete the WODs.  Please note that if you are unable to do the WODs during these times, you must either make a video submission to HQ, or contact us to inquire about other times.  There is no guarantee for availability aside from what is listed below.  The following are scheduled times for the Open Workouts:

Thursdays @ 6am, 4:30pm, & 6:30pm  *please note that if you do not intend on competing in the Open, you are still more than welcome to participate in class during these times!

Saturdays @ 10am  *please arrive early to stretch and warm-up.  We will be kicking off the first heat no later than 10:15am

*Schedule is subject to change based upon demand

That being said, we are so happy and excited that SO many of our SMCF members have signed up for this epic event!  The turnout has exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to creating a positive, motivating, and supportive community vibe over the next 5 weeks.  The Open can have an incredible impact on people, and we are pumped for each and every one of you.  But as with anything in CrossFit, that positivity can turn into a vicious cycle of torment and frustration after just one disappointing workout.  We are by no means trying to scare anyone off, but these are a few things I (Kacie) wish someone would have told me before I signed up for the Open in previous years.  Be warned:  It’s raw, personal, and not always sunshine and rainbows!

1.  Get Real:  Here’s the thing about this little event that’s about to start; there’s no scaling.  Therefore, you have to be real with yourself.  If you’re not close to getting a muscle-up today, you’re probably not going to get one in the Open, no matter how many videos you watch.  If workout 13.4 calls for a 155# OHS and your max. is 95#, you’re probably not going to make that happen in the Open no matter how often you dream about it.  If a workout is announced and it includes a skill you don’t have or a weight you cannot do, don’t kid yourself into thinking it will magically happen.  Just because you’re amped up on adrenaline, the gym is playing your favorite Rage song, and you’ve been visualizing that defining moment in your mind when you pop up on the rings effortlessly just like Rich Froning, does not mean it will turn into reality.  If it does, awesome!  If it doesn’t, don’t drive yourself batty.  Instead, add it to your bucket list of things to work on.  If you can’t complete a movement (even if it’s the first rep), it doesn’t mean you’re not a good athlete or aren’t a hard worker; it means you have one more item to add to your list of goats!  As “Words from Lisbeth” eloquently puts it:  “I have so many goats I have a F&^%ing herd!”

2.  Leader Boarding:  The Open is mentally challenging, especially since the accountability factor is going from a tiny whiteboard at our box to ginormous a worldwide platform that over 100,000 people will be viewing regularly.  CRAP!  Thousands of people who will know your name and your numbers, but will never meet you in person.  Remember this:  your standing each week on the leader board does not define you as an athlete or as a person.  However, the manner in which you respond to it does.  If stomping around the house for a day because you didn’t hit one more snatch that would’ve moved you up the leader board 15 spots makes you feel a teeny bit better, then go ahead and do it.  (That damn guy in Asia you’ve been neck-to-neck with just pulled ahead because he did one more chest 2 bar than you…..wat the &O$^!!  And yes, that is a very likely scenario).  However, if you’re not able to get over it and move on or you offend others in the process, you will feel a lingering negativity and toxicity weighing on your shoulders constantly.  Yes, it will impact your mental “game.”  Yes, it will affect your workouts.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, living in the land of “shoulda, coulda, woulda” will get you nowhere fast.  In the opposite scenario, don’t let a good performance go to your head.  As soon as you start to get an ego or think you’re great at something, this sport will swallow you up and spit you back out onto the sidewalk before you can blink an eye.

3.  Emotions Run High:  Becoming emotionally connected and feeling accountability for your performance is a huge part of CrossFit.  As trainers, we usually tell people it’s good to feel nervous before a WOD because it shows you care about your workouts.  If you didn’t care and you didn’t have passion, you wouldn’t be doing CrossFit, and you wouldn’t be with us at SMCF.  The passion is the glue that binds us together, keeps us going, and drives us nuts all at the same time.  It’s that simple, yet so complex.  Embrace the mental roller coaster that is the Open, otherwise you’ll find yourself kicking and screaming the whole ride, wishing you chose the kiddy tug-boats instead.4.  What’s the Point of doing this if I Suck?  Because you’re a part of the SMCF community, and the worldwide CrossFit community.  We come together to workout.  We come together to cheer each other on, support one another when we’re faced with weakness and on the verge of defeat, and to celebrate PR’s and achievements even when they aren’t our own.  We pat our most challenging competitors on the back and fight for every stinking, stupid rep. to add to our score as if our retirement funds depended on it.  The point is to face your fears, not to reinforce how much you suck.  We all suck at something, but that’s not the point.

5.  What We Want for You, our Community:  As gym owners, we hope that this Open experience proves to be positive for everyone, and we will do our absolute best to keep every single member feeling proud of their accomplishments.  For many, this is your first time participating in any form of CrossFit competition.  For some, you are veterans and have already had a taste from years past.  Regardless of what you are able to do or not do over the next 5 weeks, there is one thing for certain: you will learn more about your inner athlete and psyche than you ever have.  Use that valuable information to help propel you forward as an individual, not to hold you back as an athlete.  We want the Open to light a fire within you….or under your a$$, whichever is most appropriate!  Your trainers may or may not be armed with lighters in their pockets as we speak……  😉

Let’s get ready to kick some Open butt!!

The SMCF Team