Amazing work this AM SMCF crew! I have to say you all showed so much heart on one of the hardest CF workouts we have done in a long time. You all are so inspiring and thank every last one of you for giving your absolute ALL every day.

Everyone can thank coach Courtney for stepping up this weekend and offering to open up SMCF on both Saturday and Sunday for OPEN GYM. Thats right SMCF will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 12 for OPEN GYM! Saturday Coach Courtney will be writing up a partner wod that will start at 10:30 am if anyone would like to join. Feel free to stop in to work on your strength, skills and catch some conditioning.

Classes are normal schedule on Friday 7/5

Please enjoy the day with your family and friends and go see some FIREWORKS!!!

Bull 7-4-13