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The following is information about a local farm offering CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  They have a few shares left, so we thought we’d spread the word.  The spring/summer program starts next week.   In order to secure a share for spring/summer, you’ll need to submit your application and a deposit as soon as possible.  Please contact them directly at 610-392-2573 or 610-462-4696 with any questions.  If you call and set up a share, let them know you’d like to be a part of the SMCF pick-up site!!  Shelley from the CSA will also be at the gym this Friday from 5-6pm to collect deposits & applications, and answer any questions!



Hedrick Family Farms will be offering two 15‐week CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs for the 2012 growing season. The first (spring / summer) will start in mid‐late April and run through the end of July. The summer/ fall CSA will begin in August, the week of the 20th, and run through November. Due to uncertainty in weather and other factors beyond our control, we tentatively expect to start the spring/summer CSA on April 16 2012. Community Supported Agriculture is the most direct way to connect the
farmers who grow the food with the consumers who eat the food. A full share will be enough food for a family of four, and a half will feed a family of two.

Shareholders will receive their vegetables within 24 hours of harvest. A fresher product provides more nutrition.

Demand for our locally grown produce is high; therefore HFFaP recommends that you secure your share as soon as possible. HFFaP will begin accepting contracts on 9/1/12, and remain open until all shares are full.

Sample of some produce HFFaP will offer for the 2013 season:

Apples Spinach Beans Squash (summer)
Squash (winter) Broccoli Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage Herbs (oregano, etc.) Sweet Potatoes Carrots
Kale Peas (sugar snap) Cauliflower Kohl‐rabi Peppers Tomatoes Lettuce Potatoes (red/white) Turnips Cucumbers Melons Radishes Zucchini Eggplant

You also have the option to add‐on other products to your share. HFFaP Offers a fresh Egg add on (one dozen per week) which is $40.00, and a Microgreens add on (approx 4 oz weekly) which is $90.00 You will receive this item for the length of the CSA. Full payment is required in advance for any add on share.
As a shareholder of HFFaP CSA you are sharing in the risk of farming. The inherent risks include, but are not limited to: environmental conditions such as weather, crop failure, pest (deer, insects, etc.) Also Share holders may benefit from bumper crops. For example, an abundance of peppers and apples, results that shareholders receive more than usual. On the other side, if 250 eggplants that are unfortunately destroyed by flea beetles, no one will receive any.

About HFFaP: Todd has over 20 years of growing and farming experience. Even as a young boy he always tended a garden. He worked at and managed some of the largest greenhouses, farms, wineries and nurseries in the area. He is a native to Eastern Pennsylvania and is well educated on the growing conditions of the area. He is a graduate of the Scott’s Miracle Growing School and certified Agway seed advisor.

Shelley has an extensive background in customer service, servicing high end clientele, and business operations. A diverse knowledge for growing outdoor plants with a specialty in roses has perfected her eye for detail and beauty.

Other benefits from of being a HFFaP shareholder you will be notified of other seasonal produce, meats, seasonal décor, plants, and products before our other customers and restaurants.

Hedrick Family Farms and Produce CSA Contract/ Application
2012 HFFaP Spring/Summer Shareholder Application:
15 Week CSA Share: $500.00 Full Share $350.00 Half Share
Option: If you sign up for Spring/Summer and Summer/Fall CSA you will receive $100.00 off. Therefore a Full share would be $900.00 and a Half Share $600.00 for 30 weeks of fresh produce.
Additional Info/Terms:
 Deposit (50%) is due at time of application.
 Remaining balance is due first week of 15 week CSA.
 Shareholders are responsible to provide reusable bags to carry home their produce.
 Anyone splitting a share must arrange the split on your own
 If no contact is made via email or phone, shares will be donated to the Allentown Rescue Mission.
 No refunds will be given after The first week of CSA.
I have read and agree to the terms in this contract for the HFFaP 2012 Spring /Summer CSA. By signing this contract, I am entering into a partnership with HFFaP. I also understand the inherent risk and rewards of farming.
Please print the following :
*Weekly we will contact our CSA shareholders via email. By including an email address you are confirming
that this is a good way for us to contact you concerning you CSA membership.
Signature____________________________________ Date______________________________

Check all that apply

__Full Share Spring/Summer ($500) __Full Share Summer/Fall ($500)

__Half Share Spring/Summer ($350) __Half Share Summer/Fall ($350)

__Egg Share ($40)

__Microgreens share ($90)

Todd Hedrick & Shelley Wehr
Hedrick Family Farms & Produce