Member Testimonials

Beyond the CrossFit and the sweating, it is our members that make us great.  Here is what some of them have to say.

Kelly Landman

kellyI started Crossfit a year ago with the simple hope of developing a regular workout routine. I’ve gotten so much more out of it than I could have imagined! After 1 year, I’m fitter and stronger than I was as a competitive college athlete. My body feels so different, and I’m much more confident in my own skin. I also really like that the community feels like a supportive team. Everyone works at their own pace and ability level, but we all push each other to be better, faster, and stronger. The constant variation of exercises and the social support keeps me interested and motivated so that I keep coming back. Crossfit is an efficient use of my time and money for the results I’ve gotten. The coaching at SMCF is top notch, with an emphasis on form and respecting individual abilities. I can’t thank them enough for how far I’ve come!

Morgan Allen

morganI have had multiple friends who did CrossFit and loved it.  I wanted to try it but never knew how to choose a box.  I met someone at my local gym who suggested I check out his friend’s place in Allentown.  I started out extremely nervous and intimidated by those who had been doing this for a long time.  That went away as soon as I set foot into South Mountain.  I thought that my personal skill level was not good enough to try something like this.  I was immediately assured that no matter what your starting point is, anybody can do it.  After just a few weeks, I was finally able to do my first pull-up, something I had never accomplished.  I do not think I had ever even touched a barbell, let alone thrown one over my head or put one on my back.  I started in March 2013 and now, 6 months later, I am stronger then I have ever been and getting stronger every day and I owe it all to the amazing coaches and members at South Mountain.

This community is so welcoming and friendly.  Everyone is genuinely excited for each other as they complete their goals and get a new skill.  The constant encouragement from everyone around you drives you to want to do more and be better.  I can say that South Mountain has helped me find my love for fitness and health.  I always look forward to going to CrossFit and am always disappointed when I cannot get there.

I have met some amazing people and made great friends.  I have never felt so good physically or mentally.  I am more confident not only about the way I look, but about my potential and things I can achieve.  I am now constantly aspiring to learn new skills, raise the bar, and be a better version of myself.  CrossFit is my new passion. I could honestly say that joining South Mountain has changed my life.

Dennis and Karen O’Donnell

denniskarenMy wife and I were some of the original members of SMCF and we could not have been happier with the box.  Equipment is top notch and Kurt is ALWAYS looking to add more which spices up the workouts.  Never were bored with the same workouts over and over again.  The “other” classes were also a great add on to the CrossFit, I loved taking the Olympic lifting class with Jake on Saturday morning to try and work on my form and add weight to my PRs.

Above all, the best part of the box is the community.  We brought our 4 month old baby to class and there was never a shortage of a member willing to watch him and make sure he was safe and away from loud noises.  The gym even helped us celebrate our anniversary (see picture to left).   We have since moved out of state and just cannot find a gym with the same atmosphere and energy.  It is one of the things my wife and I miss the most about the Lehigh valley.

We loved South Mountain CrossFit!!!

Ally Hennessy

AllyHI started Crossfit in July 2013 after seeing the picture on the left, taken in March 2013 at my sisters wedding.  I always played sports growing up until I got to college where my priorities changed, then I started working night shift as a nurse and the weight just added on.  That picture was the reality check I needed to say it is time to do something about this!  I would go to the gym and run but never got the results I wanted.  Then one day I talked to a family friend who is also a trainer at SMCF and he talked to me about Crossfit and how much it changed his life.  A few weeks later, after getting over my fear of actually making the phone call and the pain and hard work I was about to ask for, I signed up for my first fundamental class, and I’ve never looked back.  The picture on the right was taken on Oct. 14, roughly 3 months after starting Crossfit.  SMCF has pushed me to accomplish the goals I’ve been striving to obtain for years.  It has boosted my confidence and strength tremendously and accomplish goals I never knew I had.  SMCF is not just a gym, its a community of people with the common goal of fitness.  We are friends, we high-five and cheer each other on even if we don’t know their name but know they need that little boost during a WOD.  The trainers and owners of SMCF are not your average gym owners, they learn your name, your strengths and weaknesses, they get as excited as you do when you achieve a goal you have been working on or obtain a new personal record.  SMCF has taught me how to change my lifestyle to one that is healthy and focused on fitness and making better food choices.  The 3 month picture is just the beginning of my transformation, it is the motivation to see what the 6, 9 and 12 month pictures will look like in the months to come!

Tyrone Hollie



Well as they say, “life happens.”  I made my way into the gym off and on throughout the years.  My day typically started about 3:00 am,  I had pretty bad eating habits and not to mention the toll 30+ years of smoking and drinking had contributed.  I had no regular physical activity and was wound pretty tight.  I was a cardiac arrest waiting to happen.
My daughter was involved in a CrossFit gym while in college, she would call and say  “Dad, check out crossfit you’ll love it.” A couple months later, I made my way for an overdue Chiro appt. with Dr. Tony and Trish, and they talked about this place call South Mountain CrossFit. “You have to check it out”. When my daughter graduated and moved back home,  the daily question was when my fundamentals class was scheduled for.  Finally, I said “OK!!” and away I went, intro classe with Kacie.
Day one was good and I go my butt kicked.  I recall Eric, one of the trainers, came over and introduced himself to me.  Since all newbies walk in day one wondering how they are going to be treated, this was proof to me that South Mountain was not your typical gym.  During Day 2’s WOD, about round 3 I started asking myself, “What in the world are you doing?  You’re almost 50, you can’t breath, and you can’t see with all this sweat.” Then I heard this voice in the background, “Come on Tyrone you got this”, “Come on Dad”.  I realized then that the desire to smoke had left me entirely and a desire to breath returned. Everyone is giving it all they have and someone is always saying, “You got this”, “Keep going,” and I’ve found a pretty cool and friendly new family.  It has been just over three months and I’m 10 pounds lighter, a non-smoker, recently turned 50, and I’m having a blast with my daughter and others doing CrossFit.   I’m amazed at the impact a meal the evening before can have on a great morning workout.  A donut just isn’t as good anymore. The Trainers; Whatever your hang up they will work around it.  I have a bad knee and that is ok. I’m part of the 6:00am crew and have become, “One of those people” who says “You need to try it because you will love it, too.” I have never gone more than four months without a cigarette in 30+ years.  CrossFit is a challenge that is different every day.  It is truly, “a new way of living” thanks to my South Mountain family.  I’m loving every minute of it!