Personal Training- Rubicon Fitness

Rubicon Fitness specializes in 1-on-1 Functional Fitness training for any age or ability level. We offer individual or small group sessions in a private, low-stress, and fun environment. This allows you to learn and progress without the pressure of performing for others in a gym setting or larger group classes. Each session is an individual, specifically designed workout that addresses your goals. You’ll learn to lift weights properly, perform high intensity circuit training, and address problems with diet and lifestyle, under the supervision of a personal trainer who is invested and involved in your success.
If you’re not ready for Crossfit classes at South Mountain, Rubicon can function as an effective “On-Ramp” program to get you ready for your first group WOD. Learn the movements and build your capacity from the ground up, before taking that next step
The Rubicon Fitness personal training studio is located in Suite 400.  For more information, visit Rubicon’s website or call 610-573-8348.