Mid Atlantic Regionals

Mid Atlantic Regionals

The chalk has settled, the clocks have all timed out, and the leaderboard shuffle is over.  After all is said and done, Team South Mountain sits in the 13th place in the Mid Atlantic Region, out of 329 teams.  Not too shabby considering SMCF has been operating for a little over 1 year! As we have stated over and over again, we cannot express how proud we are of our community coming together during the stressful weeks of the CrossFit Open.  Now Team SMCF takes on a whole other monster….Regionals.  Everything is heavier, more intense, more technical, and the competition in the Mid Atlantic Region is STACKED this year.  You have probably seen (or heard) some of our SMCF members grunting and groaning in the back of the gym as they tackle some of the most challenging WODs they have ever taken on in order to physically and mentally prepare for Regionals.  They’ll be following specific team programming for the next five weeks to help them prepare for Memorial Day weekend. Our roster of fearless men includes Kurt Miller, Ross Hoffman, Brandon Sauers and alternate Mr. Jimi Wynn.  Our courageous female team members include Kayla Smith, Kacie Heilman Miller, Hilary Meale, and Courtney Benedict.  Together, Team SMCF will represent to the fullest!! The training and preparation for this event is demanding, mentally and physically.  Support from our community is needed more than ever during this time and we’d love to have a huge crew come down to VA Memorial Day weekend to cheer the team on!  If you are looking to get inspired by some absolutely phenomenal athletes, Regionals is the place to go.


IF YOU PLAN ON GOING: We have created a sign up board at the gym for those who would like to coordinate efforts to trek down to VA together, share hotel rooms, etc.  If you are interested in carpooling, sharing rooms, etc., please write your name on the board and check out who else is going.  Please note that SMCF is not responsible for organizing or coordinating rooms or transportation but we will provide whatever avenues we can for people to communicate with each other. For general information, go to: http://games.crossfit.com/region/mid-atlantic The event will take place at the Patriot Center 4400 University Drive Fairfax, VA 22030 Tickets for Regionals should be purchased prior to the event because they will either sell out or be marked up substantially at the door.  To buy a 3-day or 1-day pass, go to the “Get Tickets” block on the right hand side of the CrossFit Games Site.  3-day passes are $50 and 1-day passes are $20. We have a block of rooms being held until April 24th at the Courtyard Dunn Loring Fairfax in Vienna, VA.  For hotels under our South Mountain CrossFit block, go to: http://www.reservetravel.com/v6/groupHold?siteId=27058&propertyId=190159&roomType=86087&groupName=South%20Mountain%20CrossFit The hold expires on them April 24, 2014 so book soon!


Conditioning:  Courtesy of CrossFit Invictus (with a twist)

4 rounds

800 meter run

20 deadlifts  (Round 1 – 315/215, Round 2 – 275/185, Round 3 – 225/155, Round 4 – 185/135)

15 box jumps 24/20

50 double unders

*10 minute cap for each round.  If you finish before the 10 minutes is up you rest and start at the top of the next 10 minutes (10,20,30).