Ok SMCFers, Oscar Week is coming up! While that statement probably doesn’t excite you unless you’re a fan of watching the red carpet, the SMCF Oscars Week Awards are back this year due to popular demand.

This year we will be accepting nominations for 2 prestigious awards:

1. “Best Motion Picture…CrossFit style!” Last year we had tons of hilarious and creative submissions of members doing pistols on fences, OHS their cats, bench pressing their kids, and more! How creative can you get this year SMCF? We want to see what you’ve got! Take CrossFit outside the box into the real world. Prizes will be given to the best MALE, FEMALE, and FAMILY. Submissions can be posted directly to our Facebook page or can be emailed to info@southmountaincrossfit.com. Please note, we do plan on publishing these photos to our website and/or facebook page.  We want you to have fun, but please do not do something that can put your job/career/family/life in jeopardy.

Below is one of Christa Tam’s submission from last year:

Christa HSPU on a Mack truck!

Christa HSPU on a Mack truck!

Winners of the Best Motion Picture will receive their choice of SMCF swag!


2. “Best Supporting CrossFitter” Each of you will have the opportunity to nominate 2 individuals (1 male and 1 female) you feel truly represent the spirit of CrossFit, and the spirit of SMCF. It could be a member who is always cheering others on when they are done, helps new people when they are confused, keeps a positive attitude even during the worst WODs, or someone who has helped you personally reach one of your goals. Voting ballots will be located in the main lobby by the Ipad.  Each member is allowed 1 vote only, so make it count!

Winners of the Best Supporting CrossFitter will receive 1 month free unlimited membership!  Yes, a FREE month membership!


Submissions will start today, February 21st. The final day for photo submissions and voting will be at the end of Open Gym on Sunday, March 2nd. Winners will be announced March 3rd.