Deadlift (Wendler Week 4)



-Cals on Airdyne

-Box Jump up and overs 24/20

-Bar MUs

-Ring PUs

-Sledge Hammer Smash

*Tabata is interval training.  Each athlete will spend 4 min at each station before moving on the the next.  You will accumulate max reps/cals during 20 second intervals of work, coupled with 10 second intervals of rest. 8 rounds per station. 1 min rest in between stations.


Tomorrow 7/31 the  OLY/GYMNASTICS seminar with Chad Vaughn and David Durante on 8/24 and 8/25 goes public to eeveryone.   SMCF members are still eligible for a member discount after this date.  Please check the chalkboard in the gym for the discount code or speak with Brad, Kacie and Kurt.