How To Get Started!


Starting an exercise program can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also feel intimidating or uncomfortable.  In fact, it’s why so many people neglect exercise in the first place.  At SMCF we want to be certain that your CrossFit journey is a positive, life long experience.  How you go about getting starting can make or break your experience.  Keeping that in mind, we can recommend which path and options will be the absolute best fit for your needs.



* Register for the SMCF  Group Fundamental Series.  We require all athletes to complete our 6 class Fundamental Series, taken in sequential order.  During these 6 sessions you will learn the skills necessary to integrate smoothly and safely into our regular Group Workouts.  We will cover all of the basic movements of CrossFit, as well as an introduction to mobility and nutrition.  Mastery of the fundamentals is not only a prerequisite to participating in group classes, but will also make your experience at SMCF more meaningful and enjoyable.  Groups range from 2-6 people per session.  *Pre-registration is required.  Athletes must complete all 6 sessions before entering the group classes.  Please e-mail for registration and details about preparation for the series.  You must contact to let us know you are starting within the fundamentals series.

Group Fundamentals Schedule for July 2017:

Fundamentals I:

  • Monday, May 7th @ 7pm or 7am

Fundamentals II:

  • Wednesday , May 9th @ 7pm or 7am

Fundamentals III:

  • Monday , may 14th  @ 7pm or 7am

Fundamentals IV:

  • Wednesday , May 16th  @ 7pm or 7am

Fundanentels V:

  • Monday, May 21st @ 7pm or 7am

Fundanentels VI:

  • Wednesday , May 23rd (attendance in class with trainer)

Pricing for our Group Fundamentals Series can be found on our membership and pricing page.  We highly recommend purchasing our Group Fundamentals Series Package for just $240, which includes a month of unlimited group classes.  Another great option is an Individual Fundamentals Series Package for $300, one on one with a trainer. Payments are made in person at the gym.




If the above schedule doesn’t work for you, schedule your One-on-One Sessions.  These sessions are geared towards people who prefer to learn in a one-on-one environment.  During these personal training sessions, we will cover the same skills as our CrossFit Fundamentals Series, and complete the same workouts, but you will receive individualized attention.  2-3 sessions are required to obtain the needed skills to graduate to the group classes. *One-on-one training sessions are scheduled based upon trainer and client availability.  Please e-mail  


Designated Saturdays monthly @ 10:30am, we hold FREE introduction to CrossFit classes!  No prior CrossFit experience is required.  Come and learn about CrossFit, meet members and trainers, experience SMCF and it’s community, and have a fun with a kick butt workout!

Contact Us Today!  If you are interested in learning more about CrossFit, would like a tour of our facility, observe a class, register for the next Fundamentals Series, or talk to a trainer, please e-mail us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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