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7/25/16 “War Ready”

 Strength:  12 minutes to build to a 7 rep max back squat  Conditioning: Performance/Fitness 500 meter row  300 meter barbell walk 185/125 100 double unders  50 wallballs 30/20 30 stone to shoulder 115/73 1000 meter... read more

7/22/16 “Splitter”

Strength: 7×1 hang power snatch plus power snatch  *drop between hang power snatch and power snatch  *last performed on 6/26/16 Conditioning: Performance/Fitness  20 minute amrap  400 meter row 8 alternating split snatches 95/65 8 burpees over the... read more

7/21/16 “Amanda”

Strength: 6 sets of the following complex from the rack 1 snatch grip push press + 2 snatch balances + 3 overhead squats  Conditioning: Performance  “Amanda” 9-7-5 Squat snatches 135/95 ring muscle ups  Fitness 3 rounds for time  20... read more

7/20/16 “Deep”

Strength: 3×10 back squat @ 75% of 10 rep max  *if you did not get 10 rep max 3 weeks ago attempt that today  *if this is your first week doing this back squat cycle do 3×10 @ 65% *if this is your second week doing this back squat cycle do 3×10 @... read more

7/19/16 “sweater weather”

Strength: 8×1 clean plus thruster (stand up clean then thruster = 1) *any type of clean  Conditioning:  Performance 21 power cleans 135/95 21 ring dips  15 shoulder to oh 185/135 21 thrusters 135/95 21 ring dips   Fitness  21 power cleans... read more

7/18/16 “smooth operator”

Strength: Deadlift 7×3 (all sets should be moderately heavy and building)  Conditioning: Performance/Fitness  For time  400 meter run  60 cal row  40 toes to bar  30 kipping hspus  10 deadlifts... read more

7/16/17 “Sour Patch”

Conditioning:  With a partner! 5rds for time: (each partner does a full round) While partner A is doing the round Partner B is doing Dub’s (or singles)  150 m row 7 Deadlifts (115) 7 power cleans (115) 7 push press (115) Partner A must stop when... read more

7/15/16 “Balls…Walls…Pizza?!”

Strength: 3×10 back squat @ 70% of 10 rep max  *if you did not get 10 rep max 2 weeks ago attempt that  *if this is your first week doing this back squat cycle do 3×10 @ 65% Conditioning: For Time  Performance  25 double kb snatch 45/25 75... read more

7/14/16 “Get a jump on it!”

Strength:  Muscle Snatch 3×2 @80%, 4×1 @ 85% *if athletes do not have max muscle snatch take 10 minutes to find max then if time complete Reps above  *focus on pull and bar path  Skill Review: break down the squat snatch and start setting... read more



Athlete of the Month:

Jose Suarez


This month we are highlighting and athlete who has been at South Mountain since we opened.  He is known to many as the “Ultimate Bro” (or Brew…depending on the accent).  Not only has he spent the past 3 years working his butt off, but he impeccable #hash tag game on social media has yet to be matched! Jose is leaving us this month to embark on a new career, so although it is bittersweet to see him go, we wish him the best of luck down South!  Here’s a little more about Jose:
1.  How long have you been CrossFitting?  3 years
2. What is your favorite WOD/Movement?  Muscle ups
3.  Least Favorite?  Probably the Clean & Jerk because of my lack of mobility

4.  Favorite cheat meal?  I can eat wings all day

5. What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies?  Hiking, traveling, el merengue and salsa
6.  What is your favorite CrossFit/SMCF memory? Every competition is a great memory to improve as an athlete.  Leaving all fears and mind games behind.
7.  Best Advice for CrossFit newbies? It doesn’t get easier, you just get better!