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5/27/16 “Hulk hands”

Modified Memorial Day weekend schedule. * No classes Saturday AM * Road trip to SYR CrossFit for Murph Day. Trying to do it all together at 11am * No gymnastics class on Sunday this weekend  * 9am groups class only on Memorial Day  Strength:  Review of... read more

5/26/16 “Example A”

Strength:  10 minute Emom  First 5 minutes  2 hang squat cleans (moderate weight) Last 5 minutes  1 hang squat clean  Skill Review: Toes to bar Performance  7 clean and jerks 205/145 21 burpees over the bar  5 clean and jerks ... read more

5/25/16 “Dr. Jones”

Strength: 20 minutes on the clock  A. 10 minutes to establish max 5 rep max weighted strict dips (matador bars)  Rest to setup  B. 10 minutes to establish heaviest set of the following complex  3 push press + 2 push jerk + 1 split jerk  * from... read more

5/24/16 “Boogie Woogie”

Strength:  5×5 deadlift (5 heavy working sets) Skill Review:  15 minutes to review the kipping pullup Conditioning: Performance 9 minute amrap 3 ring muscle ups 2 deadlifts 335/225 1 rope climb 15 foot Fitness 7 minute amrap 12 deadlifts 225/155 8... read more

5/23/16 “Fight Gone Bad”

Strength: 6×5 box squats at 60-65% of 1 rep back squat  *focus on speed  Skill Review: Box jump efficiency  Conditioning: Performance/Fitness  “Fight Gone Bad!”  Three rounds of: Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)... read more

5/21/16 “Shelly”

Conditioning: “Shelly” 7 rounds for time  5 manmakers 45/25  7 ring dips   9 power cleans 155/105   200 meter run with a sandbag or 20/14 medball  *the rep scheme honors the day Eric passed away 5/7/2009 and his 7 tours... read more

5/20/16 “Chicken to my Parm”

Strength: Bench Press A. 8×3 speed press at 60% of 1 rep max  *4 wide grip/4 medium grip B. 1×8 at 75% close grip bench press  Conditioning: Performance/Fitness 16 minute amrap with a partner  Complete 2 rounds  100 meter sled push 45#... read more

5/19/16 “The Great Snowman”

 Strength: 15-20 minutes to build to heavy 1 rep snatch  * full snatch preferred  * let’s light up the board with pr’s!!! Conditioning: Performance  8 minute amrap 3 squat snatches 155/105 5 strict hspus  7 chest to bar... read more

5/18/16 “3 Strikes”

Strength:  5 sets of 2 hang power clean plus 1 power clean plus 1 front squat  *drop bar between hang power clean and power clean  Conditioning: Performance/Fitness 50 kbs 70/55 or 55/35 100 hand release push-ups  50... read more

5/17/16 “Ball Sports”

Strength: 3×10 Front Rack Bulgarian split squats  * focus on technique driving knee to the floor  * keeping chest up and solid core  Conditioning:  Performance  3 rounds  3:30 minutes on the clock  40 wallballs (can only do in 2... read more



Athlete of the Month:

Erin Fergusson


This month we are highlighting one of our most dedicated athletes, Erin Fergusson!  She loves lifting heavy, so eat your Wheaties before her special WOD comes up!  Here’s a little more about our Erin, our awesome Athlete of the Month:
How long have you been CrossFitting?

3 years! I started at the Black Box in NYC, but I love SMC so much more!!! The people and the coaches have been amazing. I have made huge progress since I have been with you guys.

What is your favorite WOD/Movement?
Lifting all the heavy things, but my favorite lifts are power cleans, snatches and overhead squats. I like heavy kettle bell swings and a good hard row, too.

Least Favorite?
Box jumps and burpees. I feel like a whale flopping around :).  

What is your favorite cheat meal?I have a horrible sweet tooth, so my ideal cheat meal would consist of a giant bag of gummy bears with a side of ice cream with allll the caramel sauce.

What do you do for fun?  I love to travel adventurously – I have been to Africa and pet lions, Iceland and climbed on glaciers, Peru and trekked to Machu Picchu, watched lava flow down volcanoes in Hawaii and more – I am excited to go to Nepal in October for a 2 week trek! I love to ski and snowboard, ride my bike, and I play tennis at least once a week. I am a pretty good cook, and try to be the best aunt ever to my little nephew, Cooper. I grew up as a trained dancer, so I still like to bust a move every now and then.

is your favorite CrossFit memory?
That time I hit my 130# snatch PR and everyone cheered! But I also loved our Thanksgiving WOD with the kettle bell turkeys – it was such a fun team workout and I felt like a part of a family.

Best Advice for CrossFit newbies?

1. Know that only special unicorns are good at ALL of the movements. There will always be something you struggle with, and that is ok.
2. Don’t compare yourself with other people – only compare what you have done in the past to what you can do today. You will see amazing progress!!
3. Ask your coaches and friends for help!! Jess Frey taught me how to rope climb, Elena taught me how to do a headstand, Coach Foley taught me how to make my double-unders more efficient, Coach Contino fixed my split jerks….everyone around you is a resource.