2/11/16 “Unsteady Freddie”

REGISTER FOR THE 2016 CrossFIT OPEN!  14 Days left!  Scaled, Masters, and RX Divisions! Join us every Friday night for our “Friday Night Lights” where our entire community will be coming together to cheer each other on through each of the workouts.  The... read more

2/10/16 “Barbara”

REGISTER FOR THE CROSSFIT OPEN TODAY!  15 DAYS LEFT!  There are RX and Scaled divisions! Be sure to sign up under the Sounth Mountain CrossFit Affiliate AND TEAM! FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE OPEN,... read more


Register for the Open!! YOU HAVE 16 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER FOR THE 2016 CROSSFIT OPEN!!!  SMCF has been involved in the Open since our first year of operation, and each year we have more and more members deciding to take the plunge and push themselves to test their... read more

“Pey-Ton Full”

Strength: Build to a heavy 7 rep Front Squat Conditioning: For time 18 strict hspus or (def. kipping/kipping) 9 Front Squats 205/135 14 strict hspus 7 front squats 10 strict hspus 5 front squats *users choice on deficit Core/Cash Out: 40 strict as possible toes to bar... read more

2/6/16 ‘Frogger’

Leap frog for time? Fun and functional.  9am & 10am Group Class Conditioning: With a Partner For Time 100 Wall Ball 12’/10′ 20/14 or heavier (10/partner) 30 bar mus  (5/partner) (sub chest to bar pullups) 40 Box Up & Overs 24/20 (10/partner) 50... read more

2/5/16 “P.R.I.P. Prius”

ALL MONEY AND SWEATSHIRT ORDERS ARE DUE FRIDAY!!!  IF WE AIN’T GOT YOUR $$, YOU AIN’T GETTIN’ YOUR SWAG!! STRENGTH: 15-20 minutes to build to a max clean & jerk **PR CITY!!! CONDITIONING: 30-35 minutes to complete the following in any order... read more

2/4/16 “Over Nancy’s Head”

ALL SWEATSHIRT ORDERS AND PAYMENTS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY!!  CHECK, CASH, OR CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTABLE.  If we do not have your payment, we will not be ordering your swag, so get your $$ in this week! STRENGTH: 7 x 1- 1 snatch plus 2 OHS *70%+ CONDITIONING: 5 rounds... read more

2/3/16 “Tricky Sixties”

ALL SWEATSHIRT ORDERS AND PAYMENTS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY!!  CHECK, CASH, OR CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTABLE.  If we do not have your payment, we will not be ordering your swag, so get your $$ in this week! Skill: 4 x 20 second hold in pyramid position with knees on elbows... read more

2/2/16 “Sahara Thirst”

   Strength: A. Strict Press- Wendler Week 2/Cycle 3  1×3 @ 70%              1×3 @ 80%              1×3+ @ 85%              1×10 @ 50% of 1... read more

2/1/16 “High Five Jive”

Strength: 8×1 clean high pull from the hang plus full clean from the hang (right above the knee) 1=1 hang clean high pull plus hang full clean   Conditioning:   Complete in teams of 2 or 3 *if in a team of 2 perform for 20 minutes if a team of 3 perform... read more

Athlete of the Month



This month we are highlighting one of our favorite gingers, Amy!! You can almost always find in suite 400 working on her Oly lifts or staying late after class to work on her skills. Sometimes you may even catch her handing out shots of fireball! She’s a spicy little athlete, and she brings her smile and drive to every workout (especially when she wants to beat Coach Pete!) Here’s a little more about one of our most dedicated athletes:
How long have you been CrossFitting?
A little over 2 years

What is your favorite WOD/Movement?
My favorite movements are any of the body weight movements like pull-ups, pushups, air squats, and box jumps.

Least Favorite?
Least favorite movements are deadlifts and thrusters

What is your favorite CrossFit memory?
I have two favorite memories! My first favorite was my first CF open experience. I had only been doing Crossfit for a few months, and I had no idea what my strengths and weaknesses were. I was initially terrified, but I soon realized that I had nothing to lose and that everyone was in the same boat. I gave it my all and realized that I could push myself harder than I had expected. It was fun to try new movements, lift heavy weights, and experiment a little. It was also amazing to see so many athletes come together as a family and encourage one another. The atmosphere was totally inspiring, and I knew that South Mountain was a place that I wanted to stay at. My second favorite was my first ring MU!

Best Advice for CrossFit newbies?
My best advice: Even though its hard to do, don’t worry about what other people are doing. Everyone has their own journey, whether it be about better health, bigger lifts, increased endurance, or just getting a workout in. The journey is about YOU. You make it your own. All of the hard work and struggle will pay off. Also, don’t get discouraged. This stuff is hard and nothing comes overnight. Be persistent, be brave, and be a little crazy. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone and into that “dark place.” It’s there that the magic happens and you understand how hard you can push yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments and your progress. Trust the process and believe in your abilities!