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10/1/16 “No Hustle No Game”

Conditioning: 27 minute amrap  21 cal row  21 power cleans 115/80 21 cal row  21 shoulder to oh 115/80 21 calorie bike  15 cal row  15 power cleans  15 cal row  15 shoulder to oh  15 calorie bike  9 cal row  9 power... read more

9/30/16 “Debate This”

Strength:   15 minutes on the clock   A) Find a true 2 rep max back squat   B) 3×5 @ 50% of 2 rep max Conditioning: Perfirmance/Fitness  10 minute amrap  100 double unders  10 thrusters 95/65 10 sdlhps 95/65 80 double unders 8... read more

9/28/16 “The Chase”

Strength:  5×2 Deadlift (75% plus)  *singles not touch and go  * if athletes are feeling good push to a heavy double  Conditioning:  Performance  2 rounds for time 200 meter run  28 deadlifts 185/125 200 meter run  28 hspus... read more

9/27/16 “Attactic”

We’ve added a 6 week indoor cycling class!  Starts October 12th.  Held every Wednesday 7pm-8pm and Saturday 8am-9am.  $60 for 1x per week; $100 for 2x per week.  Pre-register with to secure your bike! Warm-Up: 4 minutes in pigeon... read more

9/26/16 “Bump and Run”

Strength:  8 minute Enom – 1 hang power clean plus 1 power clean from the floor (building) Conditioning: Performance/Fitness For Time   50 wallballs 20/14  50 wallball situps 20/14 45 calorie row  45 kbs 70/55 20 calories on the AAB  20... read more

9/24/16″The Rumshaka”

Conditioning:  5 rounds for time Performance  3 rope climbs 15ft Run 400 meters 2 deadlift @ 80% of your 1 rep max deadlift  Fitness 9 ring rows  Run 400 meters  4 deadlifts @ 65% of your 1 rep max... read more

9/23/16 “Tisk-Tisk”

Strength: 15 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep touch and go snatch (full snatch)  *if this is a newer movement stay lighter catch in a power snatch and ride down into a full catch position  Conditioning:  Performance  65 toes to bar for time ... read more

9/21/15 “R5”

Bench Press A. 8×3 at 75% of 1 rep max  *4 sets wide grip/4 sets medium grip B. 1×8 at 75% close grip bench press *if you completed this on 6/29/16 and 8/22/16 add 15 pounds to 75% max Conditioning: Performance/Fitness  Complete with a... read more

9/20/16 “Remix”

Strength: Back Squat  6×3 @ 85% of 3 rep max  *focus on speed out of bottom and quick descent from top here  *if athletes don’t know 3 rep back squat you can find that  Skill Review: Overhead Squat  Conditioning: Performance ... read more



Athlete of the Month:

Iris Souder


This month we are highlighting and athlete who has really stepped up her game at SMCF in the past few months.  Iris usually rocks a new hair color every few weeks, and you can typically find her at the 5:30am classes working her tail off.  We value her sweet demeanor and positive attitude.  She makes everyone at SMCF feel at home and our community would not be what it is without her!  Here’s a little more about Iris:
1.  How long have you been CrossFitting? 6 months
2. What is your favorite WOD/Movement?  Wall balls. Maybe saying they’re my favorite will make me like them more.
3.  Least Favorite?  Anything upside-down.

4.  Favorite cheat meal?  Chipotle!

5. What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies?  I love reading memoirs. Recently I’ve been enjoying bike riding.  If I’m feeling a little nerdy, I’ll break out my accordion. I love to travel.
6.  What is your favorite CrossFit/SMCF memory? My favorite CrossFit memories consist of Coach Jimmy’s creative warm-up games.  They’re great. Sometimes they even involve math. You non-5:30 people are missing out :-)
7.  Best Advice for CrossFit newbies? Keep track of the weights you use in a WOD app! Wish I would have done that from the beginning to track my progress.