7/3/15 “Deltsasarus Flex”


Burnett fine-tuning his platform skills. Day after day the morning crew remain dedicated, grinding it out as the sun peaks out to welcome a new day, always inspiring.



5 rep Front Squat cycle – week 5

*Add 50# to the last 10 rep FS completed then complete 1 set of 5 and 1 set of 3


For Time:
10-8-6-4-2 HSPU
2-4-6-8-10 Power Clean (155/105)

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7/2/15 ‘Brawl Gone Bad’

IMG_0322Big bad Joey P showing us his Bavarian style while Coach Foley drinks it in.

Great push so far this week! Remember to come to class early if you feel that you need more of a warmup than our group warmups and PLEASE take the time to stretch out after class, while relaxing at home, on your lunch break, anytime you can!


Bench Press

3×5 @ 80%+


4 Rds

1min max wall balls 20/14

1min max dead lifts 95/65

1 min max push press 95/65

*1 min rest between rounds

Cash Out:

60/50 Cal row for time


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7/1/15 “Tornado”


Family Affiar, and a Foley BOMB.


3×10 Bulgarian split squats

2 rounds for time 
30 hand release push-ups
40 oh waking lunges 45/25 (20 each leg)

50 abmat situps 

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6/30/15 ‘Tidal wave’


5:30am crew putting in work

Great job on those snatch PRs today! Awesome way to kick off a week.


1 mile run

@ 10 minute mark complete

Thrusters 115/85
Bar facing burpees

@ 20 minute mark

Clean and jerk  155/115
Box jump overs 24/20

@ 30 minute mark complete

Front squat 205/145
Ring muscle ups (sub is ring dips 18-12-6)

@ 40 minute mark complete

2000/1800 meter row

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6/27/15 ‘System Reset’

9am and 10am group class

9-12am open gym

main site remixed:

For time w a partner:
40 walking lunges
40 pull-ups
40 box jumps, 24/20
100 double- unders (200 SUs)
40 ring dips
40 knees-to-elbows (T2Rig)
40 kettlebell swings, 55/35
40 GHDs or 80 weighted sit-ups (25/15)
40 hang squat cleans, 35/25 dumbbells
40 back extensions or 80 super mans
40 wall-ball shots, 20/14
40 pushups

*split up reps as needed w your partner, do not move on to the next movement until current movement is completed.

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