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10/21/16 “Wavy Gravy”

Strength/BB Conditioning:  Emom – 1 hang power clean      *add 20 pounds each minute if you can  2 waves within an EMOM *each set starts with 10 hang power cleans 135/95 in a minute. Then on the second minute add 20 pounds and complete 1... read more

10/20/16 “He’s so WReckless”

Strength:  7×2 Back Squats @ 90% of your 2 rep back squat  Conditioning: Performance/Fitness  15 to 1 Push Ups  Air Squats  * 5 calorie row before each round  **sub for push ups are db floor press  Core:  2×30 weighted... read more

10/18/16 “DigDiggerSon”

Strength: 7×1 power snatch with 3 second pause above knee plus snatch with 3 second pause above knee plus  *drop in between each snatch, focus on tight back and keeping chest over the bar  Conditioning: Performance  For time  27-21 Sumo dl... read more

10/18/16 “FunnyOne”

Strength: Bench Press A. 8×3 at 75% of 1 rep max  *4 sets wide grip/4 sets medium grip B. 1×8 at 75% close grip bench press *if you completed this on 6/29/16 and 8/22/16 add 15 pounds to 75% of max  Conditioning:  Performance/Fitness  21 minute... read more

10/17/16 “Oh that’s it?!”

Strength: 8 minutes to build to a 3 rep thruster  *complete from the rack  Conditioning: Performance/Fitness  A.  For time  40 calories on the assault bike  30 thrusters 95/65 5 minute rest  B.  For time  30 calories on the... read more

10/15/16 “Work Release”

Conditioning:  W/ a partner  8 rounds every 3 minutes in the minute Even – 8 alternating sled pushes, 24 synchronized kbs 55/35 Odd – 8 alternating sled pushes, 24 synchronized kb sumo dl high pull 55/35 read more

10/14/16 “Journeyman”

THERE WILL ONLY BE A 4pm and 5pm CLASS TONIGHT 10/14, NO 6PM CLASS. SATURDAY SCHEDULE 10/15/16 8am – cycling  9am – group class (FREE CLASS, NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED) Strength:  5×3+3+3  Jerk Balance plus split jerk plus push jerk ... read more

10/13/16 “Southpaw”

Strength: A. 10 minute Emom  1 power clean plus 1 hang squat clean  *start light and build up  B. 5×2 clean high pulls at the highest weight you worked up to in the Emom complex Conditioning: Performance/Fitness 10 minute amrap  10 shoulder to... read more

10/12/16 “9-9-9”

Strength: 4×5 strict press at 75% of 1 rep max then 1×10 at 50% of 1 rep max  Conditioning: Performance/Fitness Row for calories  3x :20 on :40 rest  3x :30 on :30 rest  3x :40 on :20 rest  :90 rest  Wallballs 20/14 3x :20 on :40... read more



Athlete of the Month:

Melissa “Missy” Smith



This month we have chosen to highlight one of our SMCF OGs, Missy Smith!  Missy started her CrossFit career back in 2011 when CrossFit 610 was open.  She has since made a transition to focus on her weightlifting, mobility, and healthy eating.  You can find her working her tail off in suite 400 in a regular basis.  She is a staple in our community and is always willing to lend a helping hand.  Here’s a little more about Missy!
1.  How long have you been CrossFitting? I have been doing crossfit since I received a Groupon gift from a  friend in December 2011.  
2. What is your favorite WOD/Movement?  Well, anyone who knows me would know it has to be a movement that involves a barbell.  It is a toss up between the snatch and OHS so I love it when my program or a wod has both movements in it.  (Hint to my wod).
3.  Least Favorite? When you have a crashing run in with a box, it is pretty easy to make box jumps your least favorite movement. 

4.  Favorite cheat meal? Pizza or Nachos —depends on the day

5. What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies?  Weightlifting!  Duh!  
6.  What is your favorite CrossFit/SMCF memory? I have so many CF memories and have met so many great friends through crossfit.  If I had to narrow it down to one memory, it would have to be doing Murph in a thunderstorm in a park before SMCF opened. It was also the night I got my first pull ups.  But honestly, to do a hero wod in the pouring rain caused great reflection and admiration for our troops.  Court, Jag and Fox, do you remember this memory? There are pictures floating around of this wod.
7.  Best Advice for CrossFit newbies? Listen to your coaches and ask questions when you don’t understand something, need a modification or need assistance with selecting the correct weight. With my knees, I often need to modify and the coaches have been a great resource to ensure that I get a good workout in.  Also, I have learned the importance of mobility so I encourage everyone to make sure they focus on mobility too!