SMCF started Monday off with a whiteboard LITTERED with PRs for both OHS and “Nancy” times.  Although it may not happen often, PRing on a lift or benchmark WOD deserves recognition.  Congrats to all of our athletes for the progress you have made so far.  You are all testaments that hard work PAYS OFF!

*Remember, no classes this Saturday or Sunday due to Rally in the Valley.  If you are not judging or volunteering, be sure to stop by at some point to check out the event and cheer on your favorite CrossFitters!  Plus, we will have quite a few vendors on site so be sure to bring your sugar daddies (or mommas).

Strength:  deadlift/hang squat clean/jerk complex


200m farmer carry  75/55


6 rounds of

8 hang power cleans  135/95

1 rope climb 18′

8 front squats  135/95


200m farmer carry

 photo 2(17) photo 1(15)