So, I personally cant think of a better way to celebrate a 3 year Wedding Anniversary then a head to head battle on Open WOD 13.4 right after it is announced! 

Two of our awesome athletes Dennis and Karen O’Donnell are going to do just that tonight. They both love to CrossFit and are mighty competeitive and this family feud will settle it all (until 14.4 next year). 

Please stop by and celebrate with Karen and Dennis by lending your support and share in  a champagne toast afterwards…oh and to also see a CUPCAKE SMASHED IN THE LOSERS FACE (if the winner chooses to do so)!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. O’Donnell on many more years of friendly competition and to a happy and healthy marriage!



 *** We promise we will put away the Welchs Sparkling and will be breaking out the real stuff tonight!