We are proud to announce (again) that our Grand Opening Event kicks off tomorrow morning!

at 10am we are holding our Intro to CrossFit class!  No experience is necessary for this class.  It will be informative, instruction will be offered, it will include a great warmup and stretch followed by a great workout!

at 11am we are holding our Experienced CrossFit class! CrossFit experience and know-how is a must.  This is not a coaching session, if you are not familiar with most/all CrossFit movements this class is not for you.  This workout is absolutely scalable as all of our WODs are but the movements will be intense.  If you have to question which workout, the 10am intro or the 11am experienced, is best for you…. the answer is probably is 10am.  Rep counts will be high at the 11am, it will be a team WOD, it will be challenging, it will be FUN!

Suggestion: 11am WOD, consider a light layer as you will be outside for a burst (the faster you move as a team the quicker you’ll be back inside!)

at 12:30 we are holding our Kids Class Demo!! Ages 5-13, pre-registration is required.

What to bring:

  • Cash for raffle prizes and SMCF swag (t-shirts!)
  • Side dish or snack (if you plan on grubbing or picking, plan on bringing something to share!)
  • Your game face
  • Friends, family members, neighbors, etc.

We cannot wait to see you all!! Bring your A-Game!