We decided to put together something fun and a little competitive leading up to the CrossFit Open…The SMCF Oscars!  Many of you have probably dreamed of winning an Academy Award, so here’s your time to shine!  Everyone can participate, so start practicing those acceptance speeches. Here are some of the details about how to get nominated for:

Best Male Actor and Female Actress in a Leading Role:

– athlete must attend 4 classes this week (Monday-Saturday)

– athlete must complete all components of the class when applicable (strength, conditioning, cash out

– There will be divisions for RX and Scaled (For RX division, all conditioning pieces must be completed RX)

– Points will be awarded for each component of the class according to the athlete’s performance ranking each day (Ex: 1 pt. for first place in strength, 5 pts. for 5th place in wod, 2 pts. for second place in cash out = 7 pts.)

– athlete with the lowest # of pts. and highest ranking will win an Oscar!

Best Motion Picture:

Send us your most creative picture of you doing a CrossFit move “outside the box.”  Think handstands on vacation, pistols on the coffee table, OH squatting something interesting…Post your picture to our Facebook page or email it to us.  Get creative!

Best Male and Female CrossFitter in a Supporting Role:

Is there someone who constantly inspires you and supports you in the gym, and maybe even outside the gym?  They might have cheered you on during a grueling WOD or answered some of your questions during your first class.  This week we’d like to take nominations from our members to highlight athletes who truly represent what it means to be a supporting CrossFitter.  We will have a tally box at the gym all week.  Please nominate 1 MALE and/or 1 FEMALE.  Each athlete can vote for only one of each sex, so choose wisely!  ALL VOTES MUST BE FINAL BY THE 10am CLASS THIS SATURDAY!

Best Dressed for the Red (or grey) Carpet:

Dress to impress this Saturday!  Come in your favorite CrossFit attire (or anything else that sparks your fancy).  Creativity is welcome, and yes, even panda suits!

Those are just a few of our SMCF Oscar categories, so join in on the fun!  All winners will be announced this Sunday evening.  Best of luck to all of our athletes this week!  Make this your time to shine!