REGISTER FOR THE 2016 CrossFIT OPEN!  Only a few days left! 

We’d love for everyone in the gym to register this year.  There are Scaled, Masters, and RX Divisions!

Resgister now!

2016 Open Weekly Schedule:

Thursday’s – Open workout announcement 8pm. Gather at the box and check it all out. Tackle it late night if you dare!

Friday’s – The Open workout will be the workout of the day and each workout will have a scaling option. So if you are on the fence about signing up but will be working out Friday you will be doing the workout anyway. Jump in and have some fun. From 5pm to 7pm each Friday night we will have Friday night lights at SMCF. This is a great time to cheer on your friends and enjoy the SMCF community.  There will not be a 5pm or 6pm class on Fridays during the Open.

Saturday’s – 1pm come in an throw down. Might even hit a workout afterwards!

Sunday’s – Redo the workout during open gym if you want.

Monday – Redo the workout if you want.

*we want this to be a FUN 5 weeks so please be respectful to your fellow athletes as they judge you. Also, if you are redoing during class times, speak with a trainer first

*you have until 8pm on Mondays to log your judged scores.  Scores submitted after 8pm on Monday WILL NOT BE VALIDATED.  DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR SCORES!!!