Oscars week continues.  Don’t forget to capture your ‘Best Motion Picture’: Send us your most creative picture of you doing a CrossFit move “outside the box.”  Think handstands on vacation, pistols on the coffee table, OH squatting something interesting…Post your picture to our Facebook page or email it to us.  Get creative!

Also, there’s a drop box in the lobby to vote for your Best male and female CrossFitter in a supporting role.  Who’s helped inspire you to get through a tough metcon lately?  How about someone who gave you a pointer during a lift you PRed on?

We now have sample cuts/sizes of your SMCF gear located in the lobby.  Try it on before you order it via our SVSGs online store:




2 rep max Hang Clean


a.) 6 min Row for max meters

b.) 6 min AMRAP

6 burpee up and over the box

12 Hang Cleans 115/65

Cash Out:

Cannonball Carries

New Toys!!!!


photo 2(11)photo 1(10)