Join us this Saturday, February 22nd at 10am for a Muscle-up clinic with Coach Scott.  Get your first muscle-up or fine tune your current skills by learning from the MU Master himself!  This clinic is open to all SMCF members. This clinic will be held instead of the 10am class.  All other regularly scheduled classes will be held on Saturday.

This year SMCF will be having Friday Night Lights every Friday during the 2014 CrossFit Open from 6 to 8pm.  This will be an exciting atmosphere to compete with and cheer on your fellow SMCF teammates.  Every Friday night DJ Dynamite will be rocking the decks to blow the roof off South Mountain….STAND TALL.

The Open starts in 7 days. Register NOW!  https://games.crossfit.com/cf/login?returnTo=%2Fcompetition&flow=games

A. 10 minute EMOM

Even: 7 burpee broad jumps (use the length or width of a stallmat)

Odd: 4/2  ring muscle ups

*sub is 8/6 ring dips

B. Front Squat

6×5 @ 80%

C. For Time

14  Gi – Janes


6  to 1

hang cleans 185/125

front squats 185/125


14  Gi- Janes